The Road Back Home 

Discovering Where Home Is When You Travel

I have my family. I have my city. And yet I am filled with an anxiousness. Am I committed here? How long is this home- for now, forever? Will it be home if we move away – the ‘home city’ that we return to connect with old friends? I’m anxious that we have a lease […]

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You are Enough, My First

 In light of Easter and the loss we experienced in 2017, I wanted to share this letter during a week I thought I would need it again. Two days before Easter in 2017, I went in for surgery to remove a failed pregnancy. These words are reclaiming the holiday for me, a reminder of life […]

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Permission to Choose

We’ve hit a bit of a bump in our Sabbatical. Our month in Providence was everything we hoped it would be and more. Well, besides spending three weeks in bed because we were so sick with the flu – but we rested, we dreamed, we read and explored. We felt filled up and close together. […]

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Our Airbnb Home Tour- Providence, RI


For those of you just joining our journey, we’re taking a sabbatical across the East Coast and living a month in three different cities. The reason for this is to rest and recharge, but that’s not what this post is about. You can read more about our why and our dreams, but stick around here […]

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Lately, In a Nutshell

The Life of a Full Time Traveller

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to find the words to share about our travels. Words that are honest enough, hopeful enough. Words that speak positivity without overlooking imperfection, that inspire without forgetting real life. I have lots of different things written, mostly half-done and a bit side swept. When I read them, […]

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The Sea

Breathe in the salty sea air. Close your eyes and embrace the wind. Listen to the sounds of the waves crashing against the sand, the breeze whistling through the trees, the crush of feet on sand. Breathe and let your burdens go. Relax and let them be. _____ Friday, we took a trip to Newport […]

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As you’re reading this, we’re driving up the East Coast for our three-month journey. Hopefully at this point we’re in Virgina, closer to Maryland then home, but whether it’s going fast or slow I’m already feeling the anticipation and excitement. Originally, we thought it would be cool to create a lifestyle of travel and exploration, […]

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Returning to a Small Space

For just over a week we’ve lived in our small little home. Our ‘new’ home, as they would say, but it’s actually over 80 years old. So we’re living in our new-to-us, fixer-upper of a cottage home; once again learning flexibility and patience and making do in a smaller place. It’s funny the things you […]

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On Tiny Little Tables

We’ve been going through our belongings, starting to prepare and set aside for our upcoming travel. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration – by ‘going through’ I mean we’ve made a few lists and have had a lot of talks. We did sell our dining room table, though, so that was pretty adventurous of us. Now […]

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Year of Abundance

Two years ago, I choose Confidence as my ‘word of the year’. In lieu of making a resolution or list of goals to meet in 2016, I decided instead to focus on one, specific quality to focus on. With a history of self-doubt, confidence seemed like a selfish ambition. Yet, I knew it was exactly […]

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