365- Weekends

Going on walks with a toddler

So far, summer here is feeling a bit more rainy than I’m used to. In Charleston and Florida, summertime was full of 90-degree weather and drenching humidity. But in Asheville, it’s different. We’ve had a lot of rain (I think all last week it rained at least every day!), and the humidity is not nearly as terrible. Although I was dreaming of some sunnier days to start summer off, I’m thankful at least for the warmer weather to go exploring with my people.


Joy loves being outside. It’s so fun watching her explore nature around her. She stomps on leaves, investigates ants, and loves running everywhere. I mean everywhere. We’ve had a few scraped knees and dirty hands, but she always gets up again to look around more.

The sweetest moments to me are when Jeff & Joy are together. Two people, my heart and joy, being together fills me up and brightens my day without fail. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl.


Mark this under the things I want to remember forever- The way Joy’s hair curls around her neck, and how she holds onto her daddy so tightly.

Psst- Did you see my Spotify Playlist? It’s full of folky, up-beat summertime jams to help get you off the couch and out the door this summer. Give it a listen!

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  1. So sweet! Their hair kind of matches. 🙂 I love seeing my husband be a daddy to his kiddos.

    I’m hoping Gabriel, my baby, will be a mama’s boy. He’s almost 9 months and when I hold him (esp. when he’s sleepy) his hands will feel for my face and hold/play with my hair. I love it! Melts my heart.

    1. They are so identical in so many ways! Their hair is just one of them. 😉

      Oh my goodness, that is just precious! <3 I can't believe he's already 9 months- time flies so fast!