The month of the first cool breeze. The excitement of hot beach weather and river trails has worn off, and the anticipation for relaxed, cooler days are at an all-time high.

October makes me dream.

I dream of mountains capped with snow and wind that smells like pumpkin. I dream of smaller spaces, cozy spaces that encourage good conversation and warm cups of tea. I dream of a permanent home, and a big brick fireplace to live out some of my hopes.

But if I’m being honest with myself, really I’m always dreaming. October, for some reason, just brings it out of me even stronger.

Maybe because it’s the start of a season. Maybe because we’re so close to another. After the warm summer months and cool tease of September,  October’s fall is so welcome. I love these cooler days, but there’s so much to do during the summer that I haven’t done, and now very little time to do it.

So I anticipate.

Here’s a challenge- just for me. May I wake up early and go on walks, for my own sake. I should, I will, I need to go on hikes, go to the pool, sweat a little outdoors before winter comes full force. May I relish in earthy autumn colors and gorgeous wild flowers.

There’s so much to do before the dreary winter comes, and instead and dreaming of tomorrow may I live today.


What do you want to do this fall? Let me know in the comments what plans you have- as simple and homey as they may be!

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  1. My birthday is October 15th, but I swear that’s not why it’s my fave! I have a twin brother and love sharing a birthday, though. 🙂 I love the cooler (but not cold) weather, the excuse to wear layers, the slight chill in the air and the coziness of a cup of tea (or coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider), being cozy under warm blankets. The changing colors of the leaves is gorgeous. Going apple-picking, making apple and pumpkin stuff, smelling the yummy Fall scents… I love it! We might go to a renaissance fair as a family, but not sure how I’ll manage being sleep-deprived and not fitting into any of my clothes. 😛

    1. Twins are so much fun! I’m a twin too, but I never loved sharing a birthday until we were older, haha! Absolutely agree with all of your sentiments. Girl going to a Renaissance Fair would be so fun! I guess you never know until you try. 😉 How are you feeling pregnancy-wise?

      1. Well, the sharing-a-birthday thing may be due to personality. I’m an introvert – HATE being the center of attention! In fact, on my wedding day, before walking down the aisle, I was swearing under my breath over and over. 🙂 Not my proudest moment, but nonetheless.

        I’ve been to a renaissance fair before, but it was pre-kiddos, which feels like AGES ago. I fit into a costume and we didn’t have to worry about parenting logistics, of course.

        Pregnancy-wise I’m fine, seeing as I delivered baby boy Gabriel on the 8th! Now it’s post-partum-wise. *wry smile*

    2. My goodness, Karla, I didn’t realize when I wrote this! Congratulations and wishing you the best recovery and sweet time with baby Gabriel!!

  2. I am so happy for the cooler weather even when it’s so cold. All I have to do is put on more clothing. And turn up the heat. I love to be in doors cuddled up in a warm blanket. Looking out the window at the winter storm being very thankful to be indoors and not out there. Happy I no longer have to go out in that kind of weather to go to work because I am retired. I enjoy drinking hot tea or hot chocolate and eating sweet bread with it. I don’t miss the 💯🌞degree weather one bit. Peace, love and keep cool. AnitaG.

  3. This fall I too am dreaming to get into those walks & shake some excess off. Dreams make ambitions come alive. Without dreams we have nothing to strive for. I got my brick house but long after my kids were grown. I think your apt looks great. Live for today. Smell the air full of pumpkin & spice. Dive into those swim waters inside I hope because that storm is coming your way. Make sure you & Jeff & joy are all safe. I love your writings full of description & motivation & inspiration. Love ya’ll so much

  4. It is a season when I want to cry because our 52long*18wide*48 deep above ground pool has just been put away until next June. I get so sad about this. But, I love the cool breezes before the winter comes too. I want to ride my bike during this season for those cool breezes blowing through my hair & drying my sweat quicklyi love the air of Fall. Bless you Veronica..