Christmas in a Tiny House

Earlier this week, I talked about how different (or maybe not so different!) Christmas in a Tiny House might be. Today, we decided to show you what that looks like!

When we first started talking about decorating for Christmas, we thought we were limited to only a few options. Maybe some lights outside, maybe the stockings hanging somewhere, and maybe a two foot tree. Heck, we didn’t know where the two-foot tree would go, but what’s Christmas without a tree!?

Once it came time to decorate, we realized just how sad our house would be for Christmas. So, despite maybe better judgement and what ‘should’ go into a Tiny House, we loosened up and decorated for Christmas our way.

We opted for a fake, six-foot tree for indoors. We’re huge Christmas people and, as I said, what’s Christmas without a tree to put presents under!? We love decorating the tree and turning on its lights every night, so really it was a must have for us. I was not thrilled with the idea of a fake tree, but with a new baby and the fact that real trees shed enough for two dogs I consented to the ease of a fake tree. And you can’t tell! Well… you probably can. But compromises have to be made, and it’s much, much better then no tree at all.

Charleston Family Photographer-1-2

We strung some lights up and around our ceiling, and hung garland on our ladder. Super fresh! We also used Christmas bows to tie back the curtains, and hung our stockings below a shelf.

The other thing besides decor we had to take in consideration this Christmas was the gifts. Obviously, some gifts are out of the question, and others are plain impractical. So this year, we put more time and thought into the gifts then before. The gifts we’ve chosen for each other are practical, yet fun- things that won’t collect dust and contribute to the clutter.

Charleston Family Photographer-1-3

Truth be told, that’s basically all we have up for Christmas! But in our tiny space, any more decorations would be overwhelming and cluttered. These are the perfect additions to keep the Christmas spirit festive in our small space! Be sure to check out the video on our youtube channel to see the tree and a better picture of what our small space looks like!

How would you decorate if you had a small space? What would you take away or add to keep your home festive?

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  1. Ohhh ohhh! Place some Cookies & Milk right next to Jeff’s Laptop. “Santa” should find that REALLY easily! NOM NOM NOM!!!!! ^_^ Loving your SUPER FRESH pine garland on the ladder! Just seems to bring it all together! Not cluttered at all, it’s just as cute a warm and cozy lodge cabin! Maybe ‘loop’ a video of a fire place Burning and Crackling on your laptop? That would be sweet! Or snow falling…