Joy Elise – 18 months old

Motherhood reflections of a toddler

“The days are long but the years are short.” It’s a cliche I’ve grown up hearing, and now that I’m a mother I actually relate to it. It didn’t even make sense to me until another mom mentioned how she’s just now getting what that means- and in that moment it clicked with me too. The days feel like years, riddled with napless hours and tantrums and lots of playtime and book reading. But these months, these years are just flying by and I feel like I can’t keep up.

Joy’s officially a toddler. A toddler, who walks and runs (and falls) and throws fits and refuses to nap or sleep. She also has the most personality I’ve ever seen in a little person, and is everything wonderful I didn’t expect my baby girl would be. Fiercely independent, extremely opinionated, but very quick to show love to her favorite people. She just adores to blow kisses and go on long walks. Walking is especially where her stubbornness shines through. Once she starts walking by herself, she refuses to be picked up and always finish what she started.


I love her fierce personality. Being in a position to see her overcome challenges (even the small ones like learning to climb up on chairs!) and pursue creativity on a day to day, first person basis is incredible. So despite the hard days (which there are many), I’m so grateful that I can be her mother. Truthfully, I tend to make a flood of bad choices and am so far from perfect… but now I understand why they say children are a blessing- and I think I got the absolute best one.

I’ve been trying to take pictures more (hence the already failed 365) but these ones this week were extra special. I want to remember these little moments. Her curly hair that cascades just above her shoulders and falls into her eyes. The plump lips that she (messily) kisses me and  forms little words with. The creases on her fingers and limbs. Her chubby cheeks that make the cutest, strangest expressions. These are pictures I want to remember forever.


Joy Elise- 18 months

Favorite activity: Using her senses to color – or playing on our porch with Pongo

Favorite Toy: She can play with her shape sorter for a whole ten minutes quietly by herself! You guys, that’s a big deal.

Favorite place to go: Walks on easy walking trails or down to the park to play on the kiddie playground.

Favorite word: ‘Uh-oh’ – used in every and all situations, uh-oh is used to describe dropped food to purposely being disobedient.

Favorite TV show: Sarah & Duck


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  1. I relate 100% to that cliche! I say it a lot myself. I don’t understand quite how it happens, but it does. And experiencing it over again with four children, it’s more true than ever. I thought I would be pregnant for forever with the last one, and he’s almost 8 months now. What?!?! I am sappier than ever, crying at how big he is, how he will soon be out of babyhood… *sigh* I love my children… but I don’t want my probably-last-baby to be a toddler just yet.

    1. It’s weird how such a strange-sounding cliche sounds so true! 8 months is such a crazy time- it’s not quite a infant and not quite a toddler. Cue all the emotions! It goes so fast. You are doing great!