Joy Elise | 35 weeks

I’ve seen people do a lot of ‘pregnancy updates’ on other blogs and even social media. I’ve never really been the type to share weekly updates (or daily ones) on pretty much anything, but as I am five weeks away from my due date, why not?


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But let me first repeat myself: FIVE WEEKS AWAY.

I am sort of blown away by how fast this pregnancy has gone. Maybe it’s because I’ve had it relatively easy, or maybe it’s because we’ve kept super busy since day one… either way; it’s crazy to think that in five weeks I could possibly be holding little Joy- if not sooner. Or later, but I’m just going to focus on sooner.

Joy Elise – 35 weeks old

Expected arrival: October 20th, 2015

This week, Joy is approximately 4.5 pounds. Based on the measurements the midwives have been taking, she’s a slightly smaller baby then average- smaller, yet healthy. Of course, her exact size is really impossible to tell until she is born, but until then they make their best guesses from measurements and (in just one week) a final ultrasound.

Her heartbeat is currently at about 125, and she’s already flipped down with her head towards my pelvis. Whoop! As a baby, she is completely formed- ears, nose, fingers and toes! Her lungs, however, are just starting to practice real-life breathing, and her skin is forming an exterior coat, called vernix, to help protect her as she enters the world during birth.

Joy is a mover and a shaker. The mid-wives have given us a fetal movement tracking chart, and our instructions are to use it if we think we aren’t noticing her movement as much. Ironically, since we’ve received the paper, it seems as though she hasn’t stopped moving! I especially notice her non-stop movement in the evenings while we are winding down, in the early afternoon after lunch, and when I am taking a shower.

My favorite part of the day is when Jeff + I ‘talk with her’ before bed. It’s so fun because she responds to our touch and voices, and especially to daddy’s kisses! It makes me so excited to meet this little girl in person!

Since my last appointment, this almost- mama has started taking Christophers Herbal Labor Prep, as directed by my midwives. This medication is a all-natural pill that encourages a shorter labor and helps prepare the uterus for birth. This is only supposed to be taken as directed 34 weeks and beyond.

I’ve also started to lightly drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. The recommended start is 36 weeks with a preferred minimum of 3 cups per day. This week, I’ve been having only one cup a day. I can’t help it, it’s actually super delicious! Next week I’ll be taking it more seriously. Right now, I’m loving the Traditional Medicinals Organic.

My Third-Trimester Reading List:

Completed (and 100% recommend!)

Supernatural Childbirth – Jackie Mize
Your Best Birth – Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein

Next up (recommended to me):

Breastfeeding Made Simple – Nancy Mohrbacher & Kathleen Kendall-Tackett
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth –  Ina May Gaskin
HypnoBirthing – Marie F. Mongan
The Birth Partner– Penny Simkim

Clearly, I need to settle down and get reading in these next five weeks!

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  1. Enjoy the last few weeks before the baby comes with rest & walks & bathes & quiet times because when Joy arrives you will loose sleep. Delivery is work & that is why it is called “labor”. So, enjoy the weeks now & rest. Joy will be a joy to have soon enough. The last weeks are the longest. God Bless