My Struggle with Consistency

Picture merely for a hint of drama.

There’s a lot of things I’m good at, and a lot of things I’m not. Truthfully, there’s probably more things I’m bad at then good… and that’s okay. But one thing that’s probably important for me to at least attempt to be decent at is consistency… and I’ll be the first to admit I’m not.

I like to consider myself a big dreamer, a creative type. Not sure how accurate that is, but it sure helps me with my own self-perception. 😉 That said, I often get lost in the excitement and appeal of activities and plans and ignore the details and practicality of these plans. Building a Tiny House, for example, never would have happened if it was just me. Sure, I had all the colors picked out and knew all the Pinterest storing techniques, but if you gave me a hammer and some nails I wouldn’t have any idea what to do- or a real desire to do it.

That’s where Jeff comes in. He really balances me. When I dream big (and outrageous), he dreams with me- then actually outlines and researches the details to make it happen. And sometimes it does, and often for practicalities sake some goals and dreams have to wait. But I digress; although Jeff is my perfect match, he can’t be everywhere, do everything for me. As he shouldn’t.

Some things, for instance, are my responsibility. Namely, this blog. I have a huge vision for this blog, with lots of ideas concerning connecting with other Tiny Housers and being just generally helpful to families who want to live simply in a easy way. I have plans for this place to be interesting. But my habit of inconsistency gets in the way. I’ll go two weeks with planning, writing, and researching posts and connecting- and then a month without even opening the dashboard.

And I’m realizing my inconsistency isn’t limited to this blog. I’m inconsistent in some of the worst ways. You can ask my friends and family; some weeks I’m over-board available, and others I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. For our business, I’ll be really good and on-the-ball for marketing and so forth, but then I have times that I struggle to even think about it.

To an extent such is life, but really it’s also a lot of balance and personal responsibility. So I’m working on it, but sometimes this issue seems to big to tackle. I feel like there is a root to the inconsistency I need to find and fix- but of course, it might be simpler then I’m thinking and all I need to do is just be consistent.

It’s a struggle, and I don’t have an answer to my own question. But if you do, feel free to share! Is there something you struggle with (consistency, motivation, etc) and are learning to conquer? Better yet, have you conquered a past struggle and how did you do it?! Because seriously, I need consistency and I’m the only one who can fix it.

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  1. I can identify with this! I get great ideas, but have difficulty with the follow-through. Right now our yard is my most glaring example. I had a great idea for a courtyard entrance, with hanging pots of flowers, vines, it was going to be gorgeous! But then summer heat set in, it’s too hot to keep up with the watering, I’d come home from work too tired to bother … you get the picture. Now I’m working on the idea of simplifying the yard and putting in more native plants.

  2. One of my long term struggles is patience. God seems to be always showing me ways I can practice it. Sometimes it really just is doing it. Make a schedule and stick to it. Give yourself a reward when you do. Having accountability can help also. 🙂

  3. I can certainly relate. Historically, one of my biggest weaknesses as a blogger (on other blogs I’ve started and let fail) is not updating them. I’ll start with enthusiasm and a plan, then as time progresses my resolve erodes… and before I know it it’s been 3 months since I posted anything. I’m hoping to avoid this pattern with my current blog here, but I know myself all too well.

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s just the case that for us humans, energy and interest are cyclical and we can’t really stay “always on” for everything. I also wonder if my INTJ personality is to blame: we tend to prefer planning over actually executing the plans ourselves – so the plans and lists and notebook writings proliferate, yet sometimes little or even nothing gets done. :-/

    Ah well, nobody’s perfect and we all have our quirks. It’s nice that at least your husband helps compensate for yours in some ways.

    1. That’s exactly my problem with blogging- I have all these plans but eventually find myself not updating for insane amounts of time. I’m actually an ENFP, so for me I like the big picture but struggle with the detail making and following through with my overall dreams. So interesting you would mention your personality- I am always so fascinated how different personalities handle different things and almost mentioned it in this post! Thanks for sharing, and best of luck on your new blog ✌️

  4. I think consistency is a good thing too. I think you two are really good with this tiny house couple update every week. I love knowing how y’all are doing. I think also you two need to enjoy some sweet couple evenings before Joy comes. Your schedules will be busy & consistency will be the need for sleep. Hugs!

  5. I’ve followed you and Jeff’s vlog on YouTube for a couple of months. How serendipitous that you post this question, because I was planning on mailing a gift to you with a small letter explaining the answer to your question.

    You’ve (both) inspired me to put effort into dealing with my own ongoing battle with Depression. In my case, it manifests as tiredness and often an apartment that looks like a hoarder’s house from not being cleaned. I’ve also been inspired to test having my own blog (brand new and I still have trouble with my password!).

    What has recently helped me is 1) seeing other’s experience in life chaos [i.e. your blog and vlogs], 2) say “it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, as long as you do something– even something small” 3) most important, zapping the energy from the shame by disclosing it to select others and openly talking about it online [like here, for example].

    What I have found, is that a fountain of inspirational hope and initiative came from nowhere after I gave myself permission to feel the way I feel without guilt and broke the heavy silence of shame. In fact, just yesterday I came home from the internship office and scrubbed the shower doors, tub bottom and toilet (within 20 minutes of walking through the door). Nothing else got done, but, it was okay because something small was done in that direction. Today, I’m writing about it in a public forum.

    Your CONSISTENT strength of peacefulness with the flow of life is what put some breeze in my sail (whatever life threw– air conditioner issue, evil toilet problems, etc.). So, I guess, perhaps what we view as a character flaw, isn’t one in the eyes of others. Maybe it’s just the old fashioned case of us being our own harshest critic? I’m beginning to think that’s what’s going on.

    P.S. There will, indeed, be a gift coming.

    In respect and thankfulness…

    1. Oops! I’m so new that I put the wrong address to my new blog. It’s correct if you remove the /blog from the end. Sorry, I’m new at this.

    2. Steve, thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad you have found ways to help fight your depression, and so humbled that Jeff + I can be an encouragement to you. I, too, fight depression and it’s a battle that is so, so hard but worth it! The small steps are still awesome accomplishments.

      Love what you say about character flaws- I do think you have a point there. It’s so easy to be critical of our own nature when really those very ‘flaws’ are what make us unique and helpful to others.

      1. And once again, you’ve been a God sent! I had no idea that comments were not enabled on my blog. I’ll definitely have to figure out how to change that setting. Thank you for the support. It definitely helps for us to be each other’s “cheerleaders” and to uplift others at every opportunity. Thank you again for reading my blog. I know you’re up to your eyeballs with things to do before JOY arrives (literally and figuratively!)

        P.S. If you Google “hanging laundry bag”, I think you may find an answer to your behind-the-door problem. Hope you like!

  6. I saw the film about flies & the toilet bleaching every 2 weeks. I have some possibly helpful ideas for you. See the steps.
    1. Check around the connection at the bottom for gaps & fill the gaps with sealant. If not this then next.
    2. Someone needs either a screen door or closing the front door quickly.
    3. Plant a few small MINT plants in the toilet room. Almost all insect hate mint & a few other plants. The bathroom will smell good too.
    4. Research the plants. There are other plants that they don’t like.
    5. Buy a package of fly traps. Some are gross and hang down & bait them to stick to it. Yucky but really work.
    5. A new type of fly trap that baits them into a trap that isn’t as gross.
    6. Use more Moss over fecal matter & maybe you aren’t using enough.
    7. You don’t want pin worms from flies especially with her pregnancy. Consider the type that is new and incinerated safely. Don’t just do that on your own.
    Stay safe.. Love…and Jeff quit grossing her out talking poop. Love n hugs

  7. I hope you wife & joy & tiny house are all safe. I bet you had to move it to be far enough away from those dams that are breaking. I just hope y’all are happy & dry & safe.