Calm and Ordinary Moments

Family with toddler travels to NYC

In November, we had the chance to explore the Northern East Coast a little bit.  We stopped by New York City, visited family, and rested. I wanted to share some of these moments with you, because I learned so much in this trip and found rest.

But sometimes, memories have to much meaning for words. Sometimes, trying to nail down the emotion with a solid point or word takes away from those moments.

We didn’t bring our ‘nice camera’s for the trip. We were trying to keep our luggage light, and although I regret not making room for one I’m glad that the photos we do have were taken intentionally, but without poses or prompting for the ‘perfect’ shot.

So today’s post isn’t much at all. Just photos, just moments I was able to snag that hold all the meaning in the world.


New York, NY. You’ll see that the stranger we asked to take our photo at the Empire State Building snapped the photo while I was trying to coax Joy into looking. Although I felt silly (and looked silly!) it’s one of my favorites and encouraged me not to prompt anymore. All other family photos I didn’t worry about what Joy was doing – just that the three of us were together making a memory.


Central Park. Some of my favorite moments. Joy played in the leaves and got super dirty, but the weather was nice and the skies were clear. Perfect day.


Great Grandma & Joy, Daddy & Baby. I know Joy won’t be able to remember these moments, but I hope one day she can look back on these shots and know how very, very loved she is.


Finally, an over-exposed shot at the Nubble Lighthouse in Maine. Two days of rest for our family, away from city, away from relatives, and simply together. We slept in and ate a tone of good cafe food. Highly recommend Portsmouth & Kittery.

I’m sure there will be other posts that refer back to this trip, but there was too much to go into over-all detail and really so many precious moments I wouldn’t want to share them all. What memories do you hold dear this season?

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