Savannah, GA

Taking a baby to Savannah Georgia in the Summer

Ever since our dating days, Jeff and I have wanted to travel. It’s been a constant in our dreams and goals to see things- like Niagara Falls or Rome and even smaller things like unknown beaches and long windy roads.

Like most people, though, we aren’t exactly rolling in the dough, and when we became pregnant with Joy it became easy to think that any chance of traveling was behind us. However, over the past crazy 8 months, we’ve learned that although lots of things have changed dramatically – even our goals – it doesn’t mean that we can’t pursue some of our same goals in a different way.

So, instead of using extra cash to buy things for our apartment and splurge on on coffee once and a while, we decided to book a trip to Savannah.

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I know, you may be thinking that Savannah, Georgia is hardly Niagara Falls, but bear with me. We’re all about baby steps here, and in my mind it’s better to travel somewhere, to see something rather then not doing anything at all.

Since (one of) the main reasons we want to travel is to engage in different and unique cultures, we opted to stay at a Airbnb home. We love how it’s supporting local families, how your experience is different every single stay, and how you can be introduced to the most wonderful people.

Because of all this, we opted to stay in this cute little place which I would totally recommend. Besides the fact that the area was a wee bit sketch, the house was absolutely gorgeous and honestly inspiring. I’ll write more about the ‘inspiration’ later (because that alone could take a whole post!) but trust me when I say this place was great.

Okay, I realize all these photos are mostly of my beautiful baby and handsome man, but if you look past these stunning individuals you’ll see that there is gorgeous vintage character and hardwood floors to die for.


One thing you probably know about us is that we love stopping at local coffee houses and tea shops. Mostly to peruse and check out a new environment, but also mostly to experience some incredible food and drink. And most definitely Savannah has some incredible spots to indulge in pleasure eating.

My favorite place, hands-down, was Mirabelle Cafe in the heart of downtown. The interior looked like something that would have been designed by Joanna Gaines- super chic with a southern flair. But, most importantly, their food was INCREDIBLE. They have the most amazing waffles. “Waffles?!” Yes, waffles. Pictured above is their house special- nutella and strawberries on heaven-sent deliciousness. I could have eaten five without blinking a eye because they were amazing.

Also something unique about Mirabelle were their hand-crafted sodas. It was pushing the high 90’s the entirety of our visit, so although coffee is always on our minds we opted for their sodas to cool us down. So good ya’ll. I’d pick their watermelon flavor over anything everyday, but their blood orange has a kick to it for people who don’t share my sweet tooth.

We also visited the Sentient Bean right off of Forsyth Park for a evening dose of caffeine. I didn’t’ know what ‘sentient’ means, so I looked it up for all of us who didn’t do well in English-


  • able to perceive or feel things.

– Google (thank you internet)

So I am assuming that somehow relates to coffee and tea, but none the less the Sentient Bean had super awesome coffee and a great outdoor environment. It was raining by this point, which really set quite the dreamy, read-a-book mood. Inside, they decorated their walls with local artists, and on the outside they had a covered patio which was simply a little bit of urban magical in the rain.

We also visited Foxy Loxy (more in the residential district) while we were there, but that was after our first day without any water (dehydration lesson learned), so we were to grumpy and hungry and thirsty to take photos. However, Foxy Loxy is also incredible and has great tacos.


We also visited this super cool store called Nourish, which is a local soap company that started in Savannah. Although they have expanded shops to Hilton Head and other locations, the point is they are still a small company that sell natural and delicious smelling soaps. I normally am very good at restraining myself financially during vacations, but I have to admit we left with two (two!!) body washes and a essential oil for Jeff. In fact I love this company SO MUCH there may be a second post on it… so if you are looking for super awesome natural soaps that make you smell great, keep an eye out.

Leaving was bittersweet. It’s sad to leave, but exciting to head home. One of my favorite things about getting away is that it reminds me of why it’s so nice to stay. In a odd and maybe backwards sense, seeing different places helps me count my blessings and continue to remain content in my imperfect but unique city back home.

In conclusion: Savannah is not a Charleston replica, as I first thought it would be. I would described it as an urban artists community nestled inside of the heart of the historic deep south. The culture is a mash of creatives meet traditional, and although those two words typically don’t blend Savannah gracefully combines the two, creating a unforgettable city.


What’s your favorite southern city?

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  1. Excellent read, Veronica. …it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I’m glad. A sweet little girl too.

  2. I love that picture of Joy smiling. Savannah looks so neat! Glad you guys had the chance to get away and enjoy the time together. It’s well deserved and the scenery look great!