Second-hand Favorite

I love home decor. For me, an ideal weekend activity is browsing unique shops and seeing gorgeous, custom pieces and envisioning them in my home. From hand-painted pallets to old dining room sets, I love it all. I want it all.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that it’s extremely out of character for me to actually purchase pieces on a whim. I rarely splurge on the decor and furniture I love so much, and put a lot of thought into the pieces I choose to decorate my home (to a fault).

I have my go-to stores, of course, such as World Market and Target, for inspiration and getting items on the (relatively) cheap. But, if we’re being honest here, my two favorite pieces haven’t come from big-box companies. My favorite decor and furniture have come from second-hand stores and (would you believe it?) Craigslist.

Yeah, you heard me right. My favorite furniture is used. For conversation sake, I am specifically talking about our bedroom dressers.

What, dressers? You might be asking. Seriously that’s your favorite?

Um, yeah. As weird as that may sound, just bear with me.

There are so many benefits to buying second-hand things. First and foremost, older furniture is typically made better, because it was made to last. Our dresser is from the early 20th century and although it squeaks, it’s made of real wood and has taken a beating and still looks good. Our Target dresser from when we first got married was made from MDF (aka fake wood) and was impossible to move and was so easy to dent and break.

Buying second-hand also helps the local economy. We bought our dresser from Bon Vivant in AVL, a great little shop full of restored and refreshed furniture, decor, and clothing from local artists. Our money went to a locally owned store, to a local artist, to support the restoration of more timeless pieces.

Ethical shopping and practices are important to me, and although I don’t always follow through on these convictions, it’s really exciting to me when a piece I love so much can support our local community and encourage fair-trade or local practices (click here to read more about ethical purchasing from a fabulous writer).

And, of course, I can’t ignore the fact that these dressers add so much life to an otherwise blank canvas. I’ve been told my home is ‘bare’, and although that is definitely not the approach I am going for I do hope that by adding furniture and touches full of character, history, and visual appeal make this space a little more inviting. I think by default, our bedroom is the coziest room in the house!

Since I do try to be intentional with what I place in my home, I think it’s great being able to be able to pick out a few specific and unique pieces that convey the look and feeling I want our apartment to represent.

For laughs and giggles, here are places I TOTALLY dig and recommend locally in Asheville:

Bon Vivant– cozy, eclectic boutique full of restored and vintage items. You can basically find anything decor-wise and furniture here!  This is where we purchased our dresser. Literally the nicest people and the most artistic vibe.

Regeneration Station– literally a goldmine of treasure. Can I repeat- this is a goldmine. Local artists have their own ‘stations’, so to speak, where they sell everything from restored furniture and antique pieces to their own art & craftsmanship. We’ve seen a working 1940’s refrigerator there before!

Me and Blue– Okay, not a furniture joint or even a walk in store, but this Asheville-based mama has the most hippie clothes and they are to die for. Also super boho accessories. Just an example of some of the amazing artists you’ll find the the above stores!

What do you do in your home that makes it your own? Are their any pieces that make you feel especially cozy, or that happen to be your favorite? I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Just a brief & maybe longer note here because of the excess heat wave we are having w/108 feels like temps. Whew! My swimming pool is calling my name but I got kind of sick from the heat yesterday. Anyway, i am not ashamed to say I only buy used furniture except for mattresses & underwear. It is tried & true and I never buy mdf pieces. EVER. Mdf is made to break! If it gets wet it becomes sawdust because that’s what it is. Glue & sawdust. I go to 2 resale shops. One DAV & one goodwill. I love all my pieces but I try for multi-use ones. Hugs & later

    1. Yes! I remember when we first got married Jeff felt very strongly about staying away from MDF! But, as newly weds on a tight budget, we caved and now own way to much of it. However, we’re hoping as we continue to grow our family our pieces will be *real* wood and long-lasting. Enjoy your pool!