So… Why Go Tiny?

After our little and big and somewhat crazy announcement January 3rd, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback, ranging from people saying they thought we were pregnant to confirming that we’re crazy to expressing ‘it’s great but we would never do it’. We decided to do a little two-part series on why we’re doing this and how we’re doing this.

All that said, why bother going tiny?

Original photo by Jack Journey, copyright Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

To get started, totally check out this info graph that pretty accurately & thoroughly explains further what a Tiny House is and some of the reasons people choose it. Lots of fun because there’s pictures!

First, let’s talk money. There are so many variables that could take a whole blog posts to thoroughly explain, but the major plus to the Tiny Houses is that they are significantly cheaper then buying a brand new house. With no mortgages and the average house costing between 20k + 30k, you gotta admit it sounds pretty appealing. Jeff + I are huge fans of living debt-free, and the Tiny House makes a rather bold statement that no, we won’t deal with having a mortgage during this stage of our life. Living completely debt-free (and paying significantly less for the house in the first place) frees up our finances to help us live more generously with what we do make, and gives us the flexibility to work less so we can focus our time to be centered around our passions and make the most of our time together (and with others).

Now, we’re definitely aware that even without a mortgage, 20k is a lot to come up with. We’re gonna talk about this some in our next Tiny post (which, spoiler- we don’t know how).

Moving on. Two words you probably hear associated a lot with Tiny Houses is simple living. And really, you probably roll your eyes and think more like caveman living (because seriously it can seem like that sometimes). Despite the implication, Jeff + I are ecstatic about living simply. What that means to us personally is living within our means- financially and emotionally. Although the space may be tight and the storage little, what we do have will be simply what we can’t live without- whether it’s sentimental or essential. We won’t have empty spaces to fill with extra and materialistic items- simply because we won’t have the room.

There also isn’t any space to disconnect from each other. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of chilling out and relaxing and disconnecting from society. But I also can’t help feeling that encouraging our family to disconnect from each other would be a huge mistake that would take longer to fix then prevent. Call me crazy, but I love the idea that arguments need to be addressed & and won’t be continually ignored (although there is enough *space* in the shower or outside to cool off or think). There simply isn’t room to avoid issues.

Although the fiances & simple living already sold the Tiny House to us, others are big on it for the eco-friendly value. To be honest, as Christ-followers we are to care for the earth, so it’s a pretty awesome bonus! Logically, smaller houses equals less energy, and many people go as far as to have compost toilets & use propane or solar panels for electricity. You can check out this fun infograph and post about how much Tiny Houses help impact the earth positively.

So fun! We’re excited (and hope you are too)! If you have interest in Tiny Houses (or want to see one) check out this link which lists literal Tiny House communities in every state.

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