Summer Reading List

A Summer reading guide for adventurous ones

This summer, one of my main goals was to start reading more. Between running our own business and raising a free spirited toddler, it’s incredibly hard to take the time to sit down and read. It’s easy to think there’s not a place for reading in my life and that it’s not worth the fight. However, knowledge is power, or so they say, and there have been some books I seem to be continually bumping into that have peeked my interest and I feel will add some wisdom and value in my life.

Some of these books I already own, and for the ones I don’t I’ll be picking up at our local library. My favorite way to buy books, though, is through Amazon since it’s significantly cheaper then a store and (for extra cheapness for those of us who just want to read it, not display it) you can buy them pre-owned.

At Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe – Tsh Oxenreider

This is definitely one of my ‘fun books’ for the summer. From what I can gather, “At Home in the World” is Oxenreider’s memoir and experiences traveling the world with her family of five, while also considering the concept of ‘Home’ and what it means.

Since traveling with Joy is something that we’re pretty passionate about this seems like a must-read! I feel like we live in a complexity – we want to travel and see everything, but would love a ‘home base’ to return to. The balance is complicated! Especially looking forward to sitting down with this one and some iced coffee.

You can see more about it & buy it here.

The Face of Water – Sarah Ruden

Out of all of the books on my list, this one intimidates me a bit. Ruden is a translator with a Quaker background who has worked translating the Bible from Hebrew and Greek. ‘The Face of Water’ is a contextual look at the language the biblical text was written in, and the tone we are losing in translation.

This intimidates me because I am not a scholar of any sort, or a theologian – sentences that are long and filled with big words kind of scare me. However, I am utterly fascinated by original context and language in the Bible and would love a first-hand perspective at the translation process and understanding the Bible a little bit better.

You can see more about it & buy it here.

Oh She Glows Every Day – Angela Liddon

To be fair, this is actually more of a cookbook then a real sit-down read. Liddon’s second cookbook focuses on fresh, plant-based recipes & snacks for on-the-go families.

Although we are not a vegan family (my man loves his meat), eating healthy, whole foods is important to me. For just over a year, I’ve been attempting to incorporate eating more plant-based, clean snacks & meals… but doing it by yourself is really hard! I’m hopeful to find some easy yet healthy recipes through this book.

You can see more about it & buy it here.

Uninvited – Lysa Terkeurst

Okay, I’m behind the times on this one. I feel like at this point, the majority of Christian women have read this book but I have still been delaying getting down and reading it! ‘Uninvited’ is a look at Lysa’s journey of rejection and lonlieness. Inside she encourages women to find their identity and belonging in Christ.

As someone who easily struggles with self-doubt and an embarrassing amount of insecurity, I have been wanting to get down and read this book for a while. I was first introduced to TerKeurst through her book, “the Best Yes”. I found it so helpful as a people-pleaser that I’m really excited for this one to hit some more deeply personal issues.

You can see more about it & buy it here.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up  – Marie Kondo

Kondo’s book (subtiled ‘the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing’) takes you through her method of simplifying your home in a way that ‘sparks joy’ and, she claims, forever gets rid of clutter. I keep seeing this book float around on Instagram and all the ravings people have for it, so what more do I really need?

Okay, Marie, you have my attention.

You can see more about it & buy it here.

Summer-Reading-List-Lifestyle-BlogThis summer, I’m hoping to get out and about, but I’m also hoping to stay in and practice resting. With our current lifestyle, it wouldn’t make sense for me to try to cram a reading session in while I’m watching the baby. I wouldn’t actually get what I want out of these books or even enjoy my time reading if I’m chasing around a toddler! To have that rest I need as a mother and wife, I need to be intentional creating the space and time to actually sit down and pay attention. To me, the ideal reading space is a warm bath with a glass of wine, or on the porch snuggled with a blanket. What about you?



Let me in on your summer secrets!
What’s your favorite way to relax during these warm summer days?

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