Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, we’re keeping it simple. One small turkey (the smallest we could find). Three sides, and a single pie. For our family of three, it’s really all we need- and then some. I grew up quite differently – with three siblings, my parents, and occasionally a relative or two, we had quite a few […]

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Sometimes, I Suck at Minimalism

Why is minimalism impossible

It’s not really a secret that I consider myself a minimalist. I’m notorious for bagging up things to send to thrift stores and more likely then not I always have some bag to send away in my car. There’s close to nothing on our walls, and often you’ll find me going through out household items […]

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Home - A Full Time Traveller's Reflection

Today, we move. No, we’re not going far away (literally two miles down the road), just to a bigger apartment in a slightly closer area to where we want to be. But it’s strange and surreal to be moving away from a place that has been ‘home’ the longest.

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My Baby Girl is One

Joy Elise, captured by Kristen Pace Photography

I have spent days trying to think of a appropriate blog post to write. I wanted to celebrate her on this little corner of the internet, but I didn’t know how. Should I write a public letter? Should I share my birth story? I have no idea, because even though this is happening and time moves without my say I still feel as though this isn’t quite real and she’s still only a few months old.

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Hot-Mess Mom Necessities

There are those girls that just have the mommy gene in them. From the time their younger siblings (or really any baby after them) was born, they bare the title of ‘little mommy’ and beg to help feed and wash and play with the brand new baby. Other girls grow to be the ‘mother’ of […]

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Queen of the Castle

I’m done trying. Stay with me here. As dramatic as that sounds, it’s actually a supposed to be read as a statement without any sass. The same way you would read ‘I took the dog out before you came home’ is how that’s supposed to be read. But granted, you are missing some context. Let […]

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Second-hand Favorite

I love home decor. For me, an ideal weekend activity is browsing unique shops and seeing gorgeous, custom pieces and envisioning them in my home. From hand-painted pallets to old dining room sets, I love it all. I want it all. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that it’s extremely out of character for […]

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Polaroids and Special Things

I love my Polaroid camera. I know, I know- it’s a shameless plug, really, but really it’s been more then just a pretty thing I put on my dresser. So far, this single film beginners camera has decorated our home and documented our lives. It feels like I talk a lot about how special little […]

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