Why We’re Hitting The Road: Thoughts on Full-Time Travel

family travel bloggers road trip across USA

Traveling full-time has been a goal of ours ever since we’ve gotten married. The logistics look different and our family dynamic has changed, but nonetheless this is a dream we’ve always had and hoped one day to pursue. This idea of a nomadic lifestyle was one of the main motivations behind building our Tiny House back in 2015, and followed us when we moved to Asheville.

In short, we’ve always desired to live simply and see the world. That’s really all there was to it.

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Home - A Full Time Traveller's Reflection

Today, we move. No, we’re not going far away (literally two miles down the road), just to a bigger apartment in a slightly closer area to where we want to be. But it’s strange and surreal to be moving away from a place that has been ‘home’ the longest.

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Don’t Stop.

Lazy September Days

But now, it’s time to explore creatively again. I made the hiatus a little bit worse by wanting to come back to blogging, back to civilization, perfect. What I mean by that is I wanted my branding to be spot-on, I wanted to be satisfied completely by my presentation, I wanted you to think I had it all together and knew exactly what I was doing.

That’s so inaccurate, and because of it I was missing out.

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Do Dreams Ever Really Die?

I’m moving forward. Life in our tiny house was amazing and beautiful. It had its challenges, of course, and it had its perfections. It’s where we fell in love with our baby girl. I tried to hold onto our tiny house, even after we moved. But the reality is that our tiny life was a […]

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On Moving

From sea to the mountains

I’m scared. Moving to Asheville, of course, is so incredibly exciting. I love the Blue Ridge Mountains, I love the city, I love change. But at the same time, I hate what that looks like for our family. I guess you could say I hate the consequences change brings. We feel so strongly that moving […]

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Our Very First Steps

Our Tiny House is coming together!!! Okay, I’m saying that way ahead of myself. Our trailer isn’t even built yet! But over the past few days, we have put so much work into making this dream a reality with a new amped-up plan that makes it seem like it’s almost here, but at the same time so stink […]

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A Short, Fantastic Hint to Something Cooler

It’s crazy how time flies. There is so much happening here in the Rogers house, and between the Holidays and just life in general, this poor space on the internet has been neglected… However, despite all signs, this place isn’t forgotten by the newlywed couple who created it. In fact, we have some pretty exciting […]

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