Packing Your Toddler for a Weekend Getaway

Packing toddler's clothes for a short trip

Picture this: Your family is finally getting to go on a weekend getaway after some stressful months at work. You spend the night before packing ferociously, and bright and early you load up your toddler in the car and make the day’s drive to your destination of choice. But once you get there, you realized […]

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New York Taught Me Something

I could talk all day about this incredible city and the sights we saw and the people we met, and honestly I learned so many different lessons that would be too long to detail here. But what I realized, what I’ve learned and had to chew on for days, is that it really takes absolutely nothing to be happy.

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Savannah, GA

Taking a baby to Savannah Georgia in the Summer

Ever since our dating days, Jeff and I have wanted to travel. It’s been a constant in our dreams and goals to see things- like Niagara Falls or Rome and even smaller things like unknown beaches and long windy roads. Like most people, though, we aren’t exactly rolling in the dough, and when we became […]

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