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My soul is longing for our Tiny House.

I know, that sounds pretty drastic. But I can’t think of any other way to simply state what I am so strongly feeling.

My soul is longing for simplicity. I’m dreaming of hard work and peacefulness. I’m believing in adventure and a life that impacts people beyond what I could ever hope to achieve myself.

And I am so wanting this little house.

Jeff and I have been seriously talking. It almost seems silly to type out, but we are confident that this Tiny House is more then just a thrill or dream, it is the very necessary next step in our life. Knowing that makes me oh so impatient to get started. I recognize that patience is a virtue and I know God’s timing is absolutely perfect. However, I simply can’t justify doing nothing and waiting for money to fall out of the sky or for God to magically make everything line up together. In fact, although I believe good things come to those who wait, the man who sows his fields and works in expectancy for God to provide is the one who actually gets it done.

Just where I am at right now.

After evaluating our 9-month plan, we’ve realized it’s way to, er, comfortable for us. There’s a lot of intention behind that path, but not much solid direction. So we’ve amped it up to be a bit scarier and a lot more of work and even if it kills us trying to build this house, at least we will have some sort of structure to show for it (more on that here).

But obviously it won’t happen over night. So for now, my soul is longing, my heart is desperate, and I’m trying so hard not to become anxious through this process.

I really just had to share my thoughts, and I would love to hear yours. Are you passionate about something that you simply can’t wait for? What do you do to stay goal-oriented without idolizing the process?

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  1. I am excited to see what you guys will have at the end. My wife and I have been looking at what we want in ours. We decided to have an attached garage and a tornado shelter underneath that since we live in Texas. The options are endless!!!

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love those creative ideas. The tiny house movement is so cool because it’s not about living with nothing, it’s about living with creativity, simply. 😉 Definitely looking forward to your process as well!

  2. This exactly. I am so there right now Veronica haha. All I want to do is work on our home, to be present with the project, yet all I think about is the next step. The final product of living alone again as a couple! In our little house, with all our stuff, living how we desire to live. Simply. It’s tough not to feel anxious/excited for that! Glad to know you felt this way too. Thank you for this post.