1st Anniversary | Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Once again, I’m digging through the months of the Tiny House Build to find the content that I intended to share but never did! Our first anniversary was celebrated back in May in Blowing Rock, NC- and it was so perfect.  As we are currently away on our final pre-baby vacation/celebration/hoo-rah in Charleston, I decided it would be fun to share some of our memories and photos of our time in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


We stayed at the Crestwood Inn + Resort (kudos to Groupon! We got a good deal because we went in the off-season). Such a dream come true!

On the five-hour drive up, I tried to level my expectations just in case it wasn’t what we were hoping for. I knew it would be near the mountains, but told myself probably not in the mountains. And, fortunately, I was wrong- it was a GORGEOUS resort IN the mountains. Excuse me while I hyperventilate with joy.

So, from our experience to yours- here are three MUST DO things in Blowing Rock.

1) Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway.

If you don’t do anything else- drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. And repeat; Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. It will not disappoint.



2) But Don’t Limit Yourself- Explore Local Roads

There is so much to see just driving around! Jeff and I spent hours driving the mountain roads surrounding the resort and Downtown Blowing Rock. From waterfalls to gorgeous lakesides, the mountains seriously have it all.




Bonus: Lots of pretty photo opportunities!



You can also tell Jeff + I’s different photography styles here. 😉 20150504-DSC_0048

3) Visit Downtown Blowing Rock.

From 1960 era cop cars to old, beautiful churches + buildings and fabulous local stores what’s not to like?




Our favorite stops:

Kojay’s Cafe (seriously, so unique + DELICIOUS).
Main Street Gallery (because who doesn’t love local art!?)
Edgewood Cottage

We only had a day and a half at this GORGEOUS place (and I feel like we did a pretty good job exploring with the little time we had) but in case you have lots of time to spare to explore, here are a few more suggestions;


I hope to soon see your own adventures in this quaint and gorgeous mountain town!

PS- In case your curious, our only camera gear for this trip included our Nikon D5200 and 50mm lens

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