Portrait of a Man


My husband is amazing.

No, he isn’t perfect, but he’s definitely no-lie amazing. I am so incredibly proud of the man he is growing to be, the light he is to me. He always pushes me to be my best, but pushes himself even harder.

In the short time we have been together, I have been so privileged to see him grow in Christ. I am so proud to say the man pictured above isn’t the same one I met ten months ago, but one who has fallen rock-bottom and has come up stronger. One who has faced hardships and addictions, but has overcome by the power of He who is much greater.

He is one who has let his disappointments and troubles shape him for good- Never have I seen him bitter or resentful, but rather love abundantly and without abandon. He gives when the need arises- of his time, of his money, his life. He is the most patient man I’ve met, the most humble. Being his wife is the greatest honor, and if I have half as great of a testimony as he does, if I love half as well as he does, then I have done well.




What do you think?

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