How To Be A College Football Fan

Okay so you want to be a fan of your college’s football team…and you’re wondering, how do I begin? Not to worry, its not as hard as your grandma’s cookie recipe. Heck, in five minutes you could know enough to consider even yourself, a fan πŸ˜€


1) Find That TeamΒ Whom You Plan On Wasting Hours Upon Hours Watching!

This is the most important aspect of your fan-hood. Who you go with now, that’s your future (unless you’re one of those ‘every team is my favorite’ type of people). So pick, will it be your alma mater? Your boyfriends team? You mom’s team? JUST PICK ALREADY! Remember, this is your team through thick-and-thin, famine or feast!

2) Learn The Names Of Key Players!

This is very important! You go to an event where your “favorite” team is playing, the first thing your friends ask is, “Hey who’s your favorite player?”Β What do you say? This step will cease that awkward moment as you throw out the star player on your favorite team.Β 

You’re doing so well, you have a team and a list of impact players that play for them! Now MOVING ON!

3) Get Pumped For Game Day

As a fan, it is your duty to find reasons to get excited for every second before kickoff. That includes moments after the end of games, we look forward to the next! Maybe download a counter, ya know like the “Days Till Christmas” ones. This would really enhance your fan hood.

4) Eat Lots Of Food On Game Day!

I know your on a diet but know that calorie counting goes down the drain come Saturdays. One of a college football fans favorite things about the season is the ‘food’. Don’t get this part wrong, EAT EAT EAT!

5) Don’t EVER Take Crap From Opposing Teams!

The greatest fans respond with crap. Your team is family, take pride in that my friends πŸ™‚


Congratulations! You are now a beginner fan well on your way to fanhood success! Just practice what you have learned here today and you’ll be wearing full body paint in no time.



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