Just a little peek at what my days look like when Jeff’s not home. I find it ironic the picture that showed my favorite part of day didn’t come out the way I would have hoped. Jeffrey’s homecoming marks the *real* start of my day- all the hours before are simply preparation. I prepare my heart, my home, and very rarely food for the man who I promised to spend my life with.


However, Jeff is no longer going to be gone all day anymore. Life is changing. I work, he works, and we work together. So these days of just me, myself and I sitting home alone are nearly complete. Those days were marked by loud acoustic music, lots of tea, and encouraging scripture to help the what seemed like countless hours to pass. As I’ve shared, it has been a time of patience building, evaluation, and discovery for me. I discovered that ministry starts inside of the home, so I focused on learning how to love my Lord and my husband as much as possible, as fully as I was able. Of course, now we are finally settling into our life together and becoming rapidly busier. My days are becoming a lot more then just preparing my heart, but also pouring into other people and allowing others to pour into me. So as this season of solitude and quiet days starts to creep into a close, I am thankful for the past four and a half months of sleepy days, of lonely days, of really faith-building days. I look forward to the days to come, as my husband and I grow in our business, our church, and our community. I doubt my life will be filled with so many empty days for quite a while now, so I cherish the few I have left… but am so excited and am embracing this next stage of our marriage. There will be other ways for me to grow, to hurt, to overcome. And I look forward to every moment.



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