A Day In the Life || Tiny House Style

Life in a tiny house isn’t exotic, it’s simple and it’s actually kind of normal. So, we filmed a video to give you a glimpse at real ‘tiny life’. So, here’s a day in our life.

Let me know in the comments what you think! Thanks for watching!


5 thoughts on “A Day In the Life || Tiny House Style

  1. I really like your idea. Ordinary people living ordinary lives in a tiny house. I think some of us picture ourselves walking in your footsteps to know the feel of it. My biggest problem would be composting toilet I think. Bet it took a few times to get used to using it & not hearing a flush. ;). Enjoy the little house. Whenever y’all move up to a solid foundation house I would keep the tiny house & place it in the backyard for guests.

  2. I think you are……AWESOME! Co= Oooh!, Looks like you are running low on coffee? Oh no, we can’t have that! =o3 Yankee just got some Yemen Mocha in!

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