365 – A Personal Challenge

I’m a little late to the game when it comes to challenges and resolutions and all that, but here I am. Starting today, February first, I’m committing to actually taking a photo every day from today until next year.

I realized I never take photos of my own family. I’m always around taking photos of other people, their highs and lows and children and friends, but the quality shots of my own people are few and far between. Plus, it should be fun – so why not?

These photos are from this January, when I was just playing around with the idea of pulling out the camera every day. Would I get the same shots? Was their even a point to it? Despite Pongo trying to lick the lends constantly and Joy screaming at me more then smiling, I think that these photos are worth it.

I hope you join me in this journey! I’m planning on posting weekly so I have a motivation to take photos, but ya know, with life I’m going to keep the posting part a little loose to allow for some grace.

What moments in your life do you wish someone would capture with a camera?

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