Meet Pongo

If you follow us on social media (namely, Instagram), you’ll know by now that we’ve added a new addition to our family.

World, Meet Pongo.


Pongo is 7 weeks old and loves to be with people. As in, he whines and pouts when he is not in close proximity of us! When we picked him up from the breeder, she warned us that he was the whiniest puppy of the bunch, and so far he’s proven her right. However, right now we are loving his sweet little cuddle stage! He is really (surprisingly) a mellow dog and so far is fitting really well into our little home.


Before we bought a Dalmatian, we did tons of research. It was important to us to get a good family dog, one that would be patient with Joy when older yet active enough to join us on hikes and adventures. Our first choice was a Golden Retriever, but unfortunately Jeff happens to be allergic to cats and dogs… like, more then just a sneeze here and there allergic. So, after a lot of research we realized a shorter haired dog with some extra precautions would fit better into our family.


So far, Joy and Pongo have a interesting relationship. They are both so fascinated with each other, but have to be closely monitored when together. Joy thinks that Pongo is a glorified toy and grabs and pokes and pushes him. Unfortunately for her, this merely excites Pongo and he thinks that she wants to roughhouse. This means their time together is a constant pulling and pushing away of paws and hands and repeating ‘gentle, gentle’ while attempting to show our 7-month old the proper way to love a puppy.


For those who are curious about Jeff’s allergies- we’ve decided to go as natural as possible as far as making Jeff’s allergies and our new family work out. We’ve invested in a diffuser and some essential oils (though lets be honest, we’ve actually have the diffuser a while) and we keep the diffuser on constantly with lavender oil– which is supposed to help subdue allergies. He also sometimes rubs the oil around his eyes (not in them!) or on a rash and it really has been working as far as making the effects way less noticeable. We also got a GermGaurdian before Pongo came to help keep the air as clean as possible.


I want to hear from you! Did you ever have a family dog growing up? How do you feel like having a dog (or not) impacted your childhood?

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  1. Oh my goodness. Joy has grown so much. Joy, she looks just like you. She’s just gorgeous. Pongo is so cute. Love you guys.

  2. Oh so glad you posted this. Pongo is so cute & Joy at this age looks like you!!!!! That could change too. Right now, Joy looks exactly like a little Veronica with probably Jeff’s hair tone & skin tone. Cute!!!! Pongo will be the best of the litter. The least best at puppy-runt of the litter is always the best. That’s my experience. I have to be working but yall loom great & pongo. Thank you so much for this post.

  3. I seriously can’t believe you got a dog since Jeff’s so severely allergic. Pet allergies are very serious. I hope it works out, especially for Pongo, but I’m skeptical. Sorry.

    1. Hey Dianne! We appreciate your concern. We definitely place Jeff’s health over desire for a dog and if we need to relocate Pongo to a different loving home we will. Fortunately for us, everything has been positive so far. 🙂

  4. First of all, what a face pongo! I didn’t have a dog growing up because I had severe allergies. I got allergy shots for years. I took a break for a while and am now back to getting allergy shots. I am allergic to cats. I have a dog and two cats. And I volunteer at the animal shelter! The shots are totally worth it to me to have cuddly kids in my life. Good luck to Jeff.

  5. Wow joy is really blossoming! How fast they grow and change as babies. Enjoy and treasure every moment. Do have a baby book to keep track of her growth. They are great to have especially when it’s years down the road. I’m a grandma now and I still have my daughter’s baby book with lots of stuff I put in it. And she’s 29 and gas a daughter that is 6. My pride and joy. Children are our blessings from the Lord.
    Ok now to answer your question yes I did grow up with several dogs. I think they are a great pet especially for children. We have a little dog now and her name is Azul and she’s 12 years young. My granddaughter will feed her and give her treats. And they chase each other. It’s so cute too.
    The only bad thing about having a dog. Is having to put them to sleep because they are so old and sick. You will cry and be heart broken for a little while. But there is a doggie heaven so we will see them again. Lol😂 I another year or two I’d like to get a puppy. Enjoy your new puppy he will be faithful and will grow up with your daughter.
    Peace, joy & love AnitaG.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and thoughts, Anita! Pongo truly is a part of our family and we are so glad he’s in our life. So sweet about the baby book!

  6. Ohmigosh… both Pongo and Joy are just too cute. 🙂 I had cats and rabbits growing up; my family had a dog but that was before I came along. I’m not sure what kind of dog it was, but it was too much work for my mom. That cats were pretty mellow – I believe they were indoor/outdoor. My hubby had a number of dogs growing up and really enjoyed it, but I think the kids have the ability to enjoy a pet without as much responsibility – ha!

    We had a dog before the kids came along. At first it was great, but she was hard to train (Beagle), was noisy, ended up going to the bathroom in our house, and I resented her after a while. We had rabbits a couple years back, but they weren’t as well-mannered as the ones I had when we grew up so we didn’t handle/pet them so much, and they honestly just became a bother for me to take care of.

    We’ve considered getting a family dog, both because I think it would be good for the kids and because it’s nice having the furry companionship. However, I do worry about having to care for One More Thing, spending the money on food, being the one to take it for walks, trying to figure out if he/she comes with us when we go camping or whether to beg a family member to dogsit, etc. I’ve read a bit into different breeds and obviously would want a dog that’s good with kids/people in general, but I also don’t like high-maintenance, high-energy, etc. Between the cost, care concerns, and not being sure if the dog would be a good fit for our family, we haven’t taken the plunge. We like to look, though!

    1. Thanks, Karla! After a few days of caring for a puppy, I can definitely see the draw to low-mateniance, mellow cats! 🙂 I feel like getting a dog can be such a big deal- especially since training is a ton of work. Dalmatians are a little hard-headed, so it feels like we are always moving two steps forward and one step back! I hope y’all make the choice that’s bed for your family. You’re absolutely right- it’s always fun to look. 😉

  7. Pongo is ADORABLE! I love puppies. We have a golden retriever, and even though she sheds like crazy, she is so worth it. I know Joy and Pongo will be best friends soon. So sweet!