3 Favorite Roadtrip Items

As we are on the road (again!) to Franklin, Tennessee, I figured it would be appropriate to share with ya’ll some of our favorite road-trip necessities to make the long drives just a little cozier!

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By no means are we ‘travel experts’, but we have had our share of road trips. All throughout our dating and engagement period, we would travel between South Carolina and my home in Florida (not even to mention growing up both of our families were quite the travelers). These trips could be up to ten hours long if you hit traffic wrong! Since we’ve been married, we’ve continued to travel. Not as excessively, by any means, but we’ve visited Florida and have scaled up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina numerous times.

This is our last (major) car trip before Joy comes. We’ll be gone for a total of three days and will be traveling over 1,066 miles in those three days. That’s a long time to be in the car!

So, when the ride gets long, we resort to our old favorites that kept us sane during our college days. What would you add to this list?

A Good Variety of Music

I can’t state this enough! Having energetic music is just what you need to the early morning starts, late night hauls, and mid-day pick-me-ups. So, basically the whole trip! We blast some of our favorite bands from our high school days- including Hawk Nelson (the old CDs!) and Reliant K, and mix those with some of our newer favorites such as Ben Rector and Judah and the Lion.

We would totally recommend these bands and (most) all of their work, but here are a few of our roadtrip favorites to really get your energy going! Most of the links below take you to the Amazon Page, where you can listen to songs individually to see if they are as groovy to you as they are to us!

California & Bring ‘Em Out – Hawk Nelson
Smile It’s the End of the World | Letters to the President

Sadie Hawkins Dance & Doctor Worm – Reliant K
The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek | Is for Karaoke

Thank God for the Summertime & Let the Good Times Roll  – Ben Rector
The Walking In Between | Something Like This

Kickin Da Leaves & Rich Kids – Judah and the Lion
Kids These Days

So sharing this list of just a small few of our road trip favorites might be a little kooky (Doctor Worm? Um, no explanation) but we hope you enjoy some of this music as much as we do!

All the Junk Food

For the love of food, seriously. Having snacks are ESSENTIAL – and not just ‘healthy’ snacks, either. Although we are working on balancing our diet a bit better, we get a little lax on roadtrips, stocking up on chocolate bars, sour patch kids, and all the IBC rootbeer we can get our hands on.

What can I say? We like good food.

But don’t forget the healthy stuff! Lots of water (preferably iced to beat the heat) and protein is good for you. We would totally recommend peanuts + cut up fruits for some healthy eating.

Essential Comfy Equipment

Pillows, blankets, the works. No matter how hot it is outside you will thank us for loading up the backseat with all of your favorite snuggly items. After just two hours of sitting in the exact same position, it is just and indescribable feeling to lean your seat back, sit on a pillow, and pile blankets on you.

The only person who really misses out on this wonderful road trip tip is the driver. Sorry, dear driver, you get your relief at the hotel.  However, the driver can relieve the intensity of sitting straight the whole time by preparing properly with comfortable clothing. Yoga Pants (or gym shorts for the guys), soft T-shirts/tank tops and lots of pony-tail holders are essential! No joke. Essential.

These three must-haves may seem simple enough, but are real deal breakers when it comes to enjoying the traveling experience or not! Plus, having food on hand and keeping comfortable helps in the long run keeping the cost down. We all know what it’s like to be hungry and to stop at a fast food joint or coffee house for a little bit of pick me up. Keeping the energy high and being a bit prepared helps these spontaneous stops become less common!

What do you consider necessary for a road trip?

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  1. When I was younger I used to be able to read books in the car, but now it makes me sick. 🙁 If you’re a passenger, and you’ve had your fill of scenery, books or magazines are nice (you could also go the book-on-CD route). Along with music, we also like to listen to comedy sketches.

    Oh – and a map. 🙂

    1. Yes- books are so nice to have! Totally forgot to mention them. I brought one for the road this time, but ironically have been sleeping more then reading 😉 I am sorry it makes you sucks- so sad! Maps and comedy always help! Thanks for your input!

  2. Car chargers, for the phone and as Karla said, a paper map Most state welcome centers have a free state map available. Sunglasses, for when one is facing the sun for a long stretch of time. A repertoire of road games is nice too- the classic ABC game, the song game, and punchbuggy (the latter only works if all parties abide by the rules JAMES)