365- love

365- love. Part of a personal challenge.

This week has been crazy. Well, okay – these 14 days of February. We moved from one apartment to another and have been adjusting to a new home and creating a more practical office space.For those of you who don’t follow along this little blog, I committed to doing a 365 photography challenge- which is kind of laughable because in these 14 days of February I’ve maybe taken photos a whole three days. Oops.

But none the less, this challenge has been good for my soul. I’m glad I have something personal to work towards, no matter how small, that both grows my own photography skills and gives me something to cherish.

The fact I am posting this on Valentines Day isn’t lost on me. I debated in my mind whether to create a whole separate post on the topic of love and romance and marriage or something, but the truth is I couldn’t get much realer then this – at least, not in this season.

Of course, I do love my husband and in all that sappy, romantic way. Part of that is just my nature, I love being romanced and still get butterflies in my stomach around him. But sometimes (more often), our love is a little more contentment and a little less exciting. Right now, our love is cooking dinner -out of necessity- for each other and taking turns putting Joy to bed. It’s singing to the ukele together while our child rolls around on the floor, ‘singing’ along.  For us, love is cleaning up the bathroom and vacuuming and changing diapers and making budgets.


It’s not nearly as exciting as the movies, or really much to brag about – but being married to Jeffrey is what keeps me motivated. He inspires me still in a way no one else has, and pushes me to be the best version of myself. And that, if nothing else, is love and I am so grateful for it.

In the past year, though, there’s been a new love- the love of a mother and daughter. This love is more innocent, filled with morning hugs and lots of baby books and silly songs at bathtime. Her need for me is so much different then the bond between Jeff & I – her needs are much more obvious, and sometimes easier to fill. But being her mother has been one of the most rewarding journeys I’ve been on.


Together, our love is cuddles when she’s not feeling good, blowing and giving sloppy kisses, and most recently lots of spontaneous hugs. She’s 16 months officially next week – and it’s crazy how fast these days have gone. Caring for her is very much emotional, and there is so much invested in her tiny little life, but for sure she’s the greatest gift of all.

Both the romantic, reliable love for my husband and the tender, needy love of my child are two treasures I am so grateful to celebrate today. Wherever you and and whoever you love, I’m wishing you happiness and real, sweet joy today.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. That was super cool, sensitive, warm & loving. It’s been a busy day for sure with us. My oldest daughter moved to our town because her diabetes type ONE has turned so severe that doctors told her she could pass away in her sleep. Her insulin dose is about 30 injections a day & through the night. However, she seems to feel better since she is on disability & working on her health.She needed less stress. My husband & I are very happy together & our love has changed too. As the years move along there is a more endearing love than just sweet passion. Even with quiet moment within the same room there is a sense of togetherness. Life is good & God is great and everyday is a new adventure. May you grow with sweet days and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness! I am so, so sorry to hear about your daughter- praying for continued healing. Love your description of the love you share with your husband – so sweet and enduring. Have a beautiful week!