A Confident Mother

I’ve been doing the She Reads Truth Lent Study- and y’all, if you are ever looking for women’s Bible studies that will challenge you, check them out. But anyway, I’ve been doing this study and every day has been almost exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it.

My struggle with motherhood is something I’ve been pretty open about (relatively), and today finally I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, a purpose to the hard days and long nights.

A Confident

Today, the author wrote- “I sometimes feel like I’m a substandard version of the person who should actually be living my life. I often worry there is someone who would be a better mother to my kids, wife to my husband,… And the truth is, I do fall short. But despite my imperfections and failings, I’m the right mother for my children and wife for the husband God has so graciously given me. ”

Of course, this single paragraph wasn’t anything new or earth-shattering, but it was simply a confirmation of something that I desperately needed to not only hear, but believe.

It was confirmation that I am exactly in the place that God intended me to be in. Confirmation that I have more to offer then diaper changes and bedtime routines. It was confirmation that I have worth.

Although I wouldn’t say that now I am a instant convert and love 100% everything about motherhood, I can say for sure that I love being Joy’s mother- and that alone makes motherhood worth it. And although my own worth isn’t wrapped up in the mundane moments of life, being confident in my ability to parent intentionally makes a world of difference in the attitude I approach parenting with.

It’s still not really fun. It’s still sometimes trying. Right now, I am loving a little bit of quietness while baby takes her afternoon nap and being able to hear myself think. It’s glorious!

But also, I can love the silence of breastfeeding, confident that I am giving her exactly what she needs.

I can love the late-night cries for comfort, confident knowing that my presences makes her calm.

I can love the spit up, the poop, the noise- confidently knowing that I am capable of of taking these messy moments and making them treasured memories.

So, if you’ve read this whole post and are a bit overwhelmed/need a final point (tbh that’s how I’m feeling)-

  • You are worth more then poopy diapers and bedtime routines.
  • Your worth is defined in Jesus, actually, and he calls you his bride.
  • Because of this, YOU ARE CAPABLE to be the best mom out there for your own, beautiful baby.
  • You got this, mama. Rock on.


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  1. Yay! You are learning about The Baby Blues. My daughter is an RN coronary specialists & she had a really hard time with the baby blues. She had it so bad & loved everyone so much & cried so much about all this that it encouraged her to start a Baby Blues for Moms in Austin Texas. You need to research the name for maybe one place like that near you. I believe God gave us this for firm bonding. You see, as they grow you see those long nights again but then you also see how good your children grow. Anybody or anything worthwhile takes time investment to see the best results. I breast fed & that has good but anchors you to feel sometimes tied down. Enjoy a movie for yourself that helps. Also, take a long bath or shower where you are not interrupted for that personal regeneration time that gives you the strength. Motherhood is special but has some very hard moments to get through. I know!!! Be good to yourself so you can be that mother & wife that you want to be. Jeff is good. He will help you with the time that you need. Hugs sweetie! You can be & probably are a great mom & wife. Remember to Pat your back and say “self you did a good job”.God love y’all & smile with Joy! I love y’all too.

  2. Parenting isn’t a piece of cake, you get everything tossed at you. I know what you are dealing with now, the stack of diapers and the midnight feedings. Sometimes that which you are the best at isn’t that which is the most glamorous.
    I have seen in your videos, the love you have for your little one. Get past the staged photos on Pinterest, and reach for what truly is important. It is the little things, like how Joy reaches for your hair to play with it after both of you have had a difficult crying session.
    My oldest son had colic, and my youngest was just plain difficult to raise. At times raising them seems now like a blur to me. But seeing what they have now become as young adults makes all the gray hairs worth it.
    Give yourself some grace, as the Lord God has already gave you that grace. He promised never will He leave you, never will He forsake you. That promise extends into diaper changes and high fevers. Life isn’t always the crisp clean photos, and the perfect tea sets. But even in the mud there is hope as mud brings life with it.
    You are not perfect, but you are forgiven and a child of the most high God. Don’t ever forget that. As that is what matters, and that is what will be something you can pass down to Joy that means the most.

  3. This is so what I needed to hear. I am a new mother to my 3 month old daughter, and my husband goes to work while I stay at home. He is gone 12-15 hours at a time, and I have no help taking care of her for most of the week (not that I expect any, but the adjustment is one that’s challenging). I feel guilty sometimes for wanting to step out of the mothering role and do other things, like blogging or going to work full-time, and having outside passions makes me feel like someone else can be a better mother to her. But after reading this and physically seeing the words “I’m the right mother for my children,” I remind myself that, yes, that is absolutely true. And I shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to step back into the role that once was my prominent one. It takes time and it takes patience. Three months ago, I had only myself to take care of. I was able to eat a sandwich with two free hands and wash dishes without stopping to pop a pacifier in. My attention was split on multiple projects, and now it’s undivided on my daughter. Big changes aren’t made easily, even when it’s a change you really want and love to make…I think new mothers especially have to understand that & this post hits it right on the head. Thank you!

    Will be following! 🙂

    1. Yes, Melissa, exactly! Your story is exactly what I struggle with nearly daily, and I always have to remind myself I am the RIGHT mother. And I’m so glad you can take hold of those words for yourself! You are awesome, mama- it’s not easy, for sure, and you are rocking it! Thank you!

  4. My Poem for You Veronica <3
    It's not easy being a new Mommy, with so much pulling at you,
    You begin to feel neglected, you start to feel baby blues!
    Jesus is with you every step, He doesn't need a nap, NO WAY!
    You are just as important as your little bundle of Joy,
    and you need time to play, to rest, and eat out at Chick-fil-la!
    Babies are sometimes demanding and down right Yuck-a-Roo,
    but we love them anyways! So make way for Mommy, it's her time now!
    Hey, I'm talking to the people who aren't supportive, Move It buster, or lose it!
    Veronica Mommy needs her time,so don't make her lose it!
    Or you'll have Jeff and I to deal with,….gurrrrr!
    the end, happily ever after eating waffle fries….=o)