A Letter

Dear Joy,

Today, mommy and daddy celebrate two years of marriage. We aren’t experts by any means, but by now we have a (tiny tiny) clue about this whole marriage thing. Right now, we are at the beach celebrating without you, but we haven’t forgotten about you. You are a crucial part of who we are- a combination of the two of us in one, unique individual- and you consume the majority of our thoughts and drive our actions.

Baby girl, although it’s only been two years I wanted to tell you some things that are really important to me about your father. One day, when it’s your turn to marry (it seems so so far away), maybe you’ll see the way your father is and it’ll inspire you to find similar aspects in your spouse. Or, you can look at this letter as inspiration for what young yet true love looks like.

Daddy is great at doing little things to show me love. He doesn’t much care for the beach, and it’s not often that we go- but for our special day, the beach is where he wanted to take me. Never mind the sand in our shoes (and inevitably the car) and the fact that I want to get up at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise, some things are worth it to him. It’s not just about the beach, of course, but I see this in other ways as well- such as, surprising me with the small potted plants I place around the house, and putting the laundry away without me even asking. Daddy has a drive to show me love in little ways that don’t seem noticeable, but really make a difference. I wish for you a man who will do the same.

One thing that you definitely don’t understand now (but one day will!) is how daddy is with finances. Although sometimes we may bicker and argue over where and how we spend money, he is a saver at heart and is cautious with our income. He doesn’t go out and buy things just because he can, and thinks of our future together (with you!) before making big purchases. Daily he checks our accounts, and spends only what we can afford. This way, we can pay your doctor bills and groceries and, one day, a house mortgage. As small (and boring) as that may sound, I hope for you a man who chooses wisdom instead of instant gratification.

When it comes to humor, you are his biggest fan. So it’s really unnecessary for me to tell you that daddy is the funniest person around! Besides making you laugh by tickling between your toes and blowing raspberries on your tummy, he knows how to make mommy laugh, as well. What makes us laugh is different from what makes you laugh, and daddy is quite the pro. From quirky observations to quick-witted jokes, he makes me smile every day- even on the bad ones. One day, I pray you will have a husband that makes you laugh despite your circumstances.

Your father is so good at listening. When I am telling him a story, he’ll laugh along and is curious about how I feel. When I have a issue or a disagreement with him, he asks me questions until he understands my perspective. Every evening, after you are tucked into bed, he asks me how I am doing- how I am really, truly doing.  I long that you will find a man who listens to you intently and cares for what you have to say.

By far my favorite thing about daddy, though, is the way he loves you. When I was first writing this letter, he had you on his lap and was making funny noises. Scary noises, silly voices, singing voices- it didn’t matter, you thought it was the funniest thing. He gently gives you warm tubbies, and jokingly lifting you in the air. When you are sick, he takes your temperature and covers you in kisses. When you are well, he is the first to pick you up from your naps and explore our small apartment with you. The way he loves you reminds me all over again how good of a man your father is. Baby girl, the way your future man treats you is how he will treat your babies. It is my greatest wish, my fervent prayer that he treats you like his queen.

I know, the thought of even a boyfriend is far, far in the future for you, but I had to bottle up my favorite things about your father and share them with you now. Over the years, things will change- he will get better at some things and neglect others, just like I will with him. I pray that both of us will continue to grow fervently closer to God, and be good examples for you in treating others with kindness and facing all situations with hope.

Most importantly, baby girl, it’s crucial that you know that despite all of our accomplishments, you are the greatest one.

Love, Mommy. 05/03/16

a letter

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  1. Sweet! Save all of your journal writings & one day you will be so glad that you did. Hugs! Happy anniversary