A Short, Fantastic Hint to Something Cooler

It’s crazy how time flies. There is so much happening here in the Rogers house, and between the Holidays and just life in general, this poor space on the internet has been neglected…

However, despite all signs, this place isn’t forgotten by the newlywed couple who created it. In fact, we have some pretty exciting things (well, exciting for us anyway) popping up all over our life… and I’m dying to share them. Not because they are out of this world or anything, but because I am sort of desperately hoping someone will read a post here and will feel inspired, encouraged, and so not alone.

Really, that’s all I can say right now! We are officially announcing some mega-exciting things, happenings, news, etc January 3nd. So, don’t miss it!

This small space on the internet isn’t the most pretty. Heck, it’s not even well-organized or established by any means. Despite my personal flaw of wanting everything to look as presentable as possible before people see anything, we are pressing on anyway. Whether anyone likes it or not, this place, our stories, our very life is a growing process, and I’m so hoping that everything you see on here reflects that… not a perfect, established blog, story, or marriage.

So, all that said- We’ll see you in the New Year! Have a WONDERFUL end to 2014!


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