A Year of Tiny House Adventuring

Tiny House Life with a Baby

Time in our tiny home felt like it was out of a fairy-tale. Well, not all the time, but quite a bit. As I’ve often said, it was my dream home-every detail Jeff built into it was exactly how I wanted it. And with no mortgage, no rent, and paying very minimally for utilities it was the life. The only money we’d really have to spend was for food + other essentials.

Altogether, our Tiny Adventure was a year long. Our build started in early February 2015, and we moved out of our completed home this February 2016. This change comes with a lot of emotions- we loved our tiny house and so enjoyed everything that comes from Tiny Living. However, just because we now live in a bigger space doesn’t mean that we can’t still embody some of the great aspects of tiny living.

I mean, it’s true, living in a tiny house enables you to count your blessings, protect the environment, and become financially generous in a way that’s free from most common distractions. But, just like anything else, we had to intentionally  choose to pursue the benefits instead of staying secluded and holding onto old habits.

So now, in a 750 square foot apartment, I want to still live with purpose. I want to live simply and intentionally, in a very similar way to how we did in our Tiny House- if not better.  And to be honest, there are benefits to a larger space. I can invite others into our wanna-be minimalistic bohemian home (yes, that’s what I’m calling it even if it doesn’t resemble the style at all), and practice hospitality (because let’s be honest, a mama with a kid will have a hard time having another mama with a kid over in a tiny house).

There are challenges, too. I have to intentionally choose less, purposefully decline new furniture and extravagant items. I have to keep the mindset that just because it fits doesn’t mean I should buy it. In a tiny house, you don’t have a choice- and I like living in a space that forces me to follow through with my beliefs and values because that’s what I choose, that’s what I want- not because I have to because of the environment.

So, all that to say, all this talk about living simply + intentionally is sort of the direction I want this blog to go in. Of course, I have a long way to go and I’m one of those people who is constantly changing my mind about how I feel about things, so really this is more of a documentary of a journey then a list of how-to-posts.

I want to learn from my failures – and share that with you. I want to succeed- and share that with you. And of course, I’ll continue to share my life- because everyone has challenges and hardship. I believe that a home embodies a family’s unique experiences and personality, so keeping my personal life hidden and focusing on only the appearance or the ‘idea’ of simplicity would almost be a wrong portrayal of what living small actually looks like.

Honestly, I have no idea where exactly I’m going to begin, so this is where I need YOUR help. What type of content would you be interested in seeing? What aspect of ‘home’ sparks your fancy? How can I help you keep a more simple, intentional lifestyle?

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  1. Veronica, I think you should just tell us how y’all are like as in progress and/or how y’all are minimalizing. It has helped me to cut back on our stuff somewhat but I am organizing to give some stuff up. It is a busy time for me. I work at home on a Corporation & babysit my granddaughter. These 2 things take a majority of my time so it will take awhile. Thinking about Tiny House living help curb my spending on unnecessary items. I love to shop. Personally, on another note, I think it is wonderful for you to have space for Joy to enjoy her crawling stage that will happen soon enough. I worried àbout her crawling in such a small place like you have in the Tiny House. I think it’s possible that you will need space for some time while she stretches her legs. Love n hugs. It will come to you on what to write about. Huggies & good prayers.

    1. Thank you so much on your feedback, Cheryl! Sometimes the business of life has it’s perks- like reminding us what we don’t need. 😉 I can relate- I love shopping too (especially for home decor!) so keeping the Tiny mindset can really help curb that enthusiasm and direct it somewhere else.

  2. I have been watching you tube videos on minimalism and living with less. I would love to hear how you live with less on a daily basis, the benefits of staying simple and just day to day life of Joy. 🙂

  3. I’ve wanted to build a tiny home. If I get the chance, I want to use solar. I’m collecting ideas…Are you happy with your insulation choice? Materials you’ve used to build? What would you do different with regards to building? What did you use when building the toilet features? Would you do anything different? Compost or tank? Any issues with either? Where have your parked? I have many more questions and I look forward to your posts. This is exciting to know someone that is actually living in a tiny house. Best wishes to you and your family! Cheers, Koko:)

    1. Hi Koko! There is so much to learn about living in a Tiny House! We were extremely happy with our denim insulation- it worked very well. Our composting toilet was wonderful, but since it was electric we had a few issues because it was sensitive and I guess we hadn’t wired our tiny house for sensitive equipment? Not sure on all that, but check out Andrew + Gabriella Morrison, who live in a Tiny House and use a electric composing toilet without issues. We’d recommend that route because it keeps it portable yet super sanitary. 😉

      I hope this reply makes sense!

  4. I think the most important thing when you look back on your life is that you tried. Wondering what if… I don’t want that. Not everything will work out the way you think. That is the adventure of life. Congratulations on your chapter in tiny house living. You did it. And now on to your next adventure!