All photography done by Kristen Pace Photography

Hi! I’m Veronica- the words behind Wife Me & Tea. I’m a extrovert by nature, a writer by heart, and I love connecting and having conversation with incredible people (psst, that’s you!) I’m wife & mother to the loveliest people I know and photographer of beautiful things.

This blog is my space to encourage others, share my trial-and-error ways of pursuing intentional & simple living, and to talk about my daughter. (What can I say? I can’t help it!) I talk about my thoughts and struggles to hopefully let others know that, no matter what your unique issues, pain, insecurities and struggles may be, you aren’t alone and your voice matters.

I am hopeful that these pages inspire you to focus on the simple + small things in life. Even more importantly, It’s my goal for you leave this blog encouraged and with a renewed soul.


Wife Me and Tea started in early 2015. Well, honestly, it actually started sometime in the fall of 2014. At that point, it was nothing more then just my husband, Jeff, and I having a little bit of fun on the internet (If you go waaayyy back you’ll see the oh so insightful posts of early married life). In January of 2015, though, is really when we started to see a vision for our life together- and we started our Tiny House journey. We created a Youtube to document our adventure, never expecting to gain the small following we did. We loved and really, really enjoyed the Tiny House lifestyle and have taken what we learned from that amazing year journey into our current, still small-space + simple lifestyle. (Read more about our Tiny House journey).

Although Jeff doesn’t usually write here on the blog, he was the creator of our Youtube Channel and the main drive of our photography business. He’s the creative who came up with ‘Wife Me and Tea’ and is always pursuing new interests- ie currently he’s on a vinyl kick and beard oils.

And our precious baby girl- Joy- is starting to walk and loves saying new words. Her favorite thing is intently studying books and petting animals.

Not pictured but very much loved, Pongo is our a sweet Dalmation puppy. So far his favorite things are long hiking trails and sleeping on our feet.


Thanks for checking us out! I hope you enjoy this small space on the internet. Excited to connect with you!