I love having plants around the home. They bring a certain freshness to our space, and it’s something I can take care of that’s not so needy. I water it, I place it in sun, but it doesn’t take up all my time and effort. It’s a low-maintenance  hobby, really.

Now I am sure there are a bunch of y’all who are actual gardeners and would argue that growing plants and gardening is anything but low-maintenance, and although I totally agree I have to admit I’m a pretty poor plant caregiver so the effort I give to these poor things is, well, pathetic.

But I do like pretending that I know about plants, and I am genuinely enjoying learning small th

ings about them. My mint plant, for example, thrives in sunlight but doesn’t do so hot when I leave it out in cold weather. My orchid, on the other hand, prefers ‘bright light’, but isn’t supposed to make contact with direct sunlight. The orchid, honestly, is probably my favorite- but not because of its temperature preference or what kind of light makes it happy. This guys is my favorite because, with a little bit of TLC and a gentle touch, a once bare orchid plant can rebloom once again.

Did you catch that? This little orchid guy can rebloom.

And, as silly as it sounds, I sort of connect my purple orchid to people. People, if not cared for, if unloved, if neglected can wither. Emotionally, physically, spiritually- we all have different stories, so it looks different for everyone. But I know, I know, that despite hardships & pain, people too can thrive after dark seasons.

Looking at my orchid on dreary days makes me ask myself.. does the way I live encourage others to bloom again? How can I show love and care to others, whether or not I know their story?

How can you?

There are days that feel dark and dreary inside of my soul. Instead of wishing someone would encourage me to move forward and to blossom despite whatever hardship I’m facing, maybe all I need to do is give a little TLC to someone else. Honestly, does it really matter if I know every detail of their circumstance? Does it matter if this ‘someone’ has ever extended a hand my way? Not one bit, actually.

Maybe the best way for me to see the good inside of myself, to see the flower inside of me, is to encourage others to do the same.


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  1. I love having plants and they help clean the air, which is a plus! I would love me an orchid and have seen some pretty blue ones, but I’ve heard they’re finicky and would be afraid I’d kill it. I don’t have the greenest thumb! We do a big fruit/veggie garden during the warmer months, but luckily my husband does most of the work!

    1. When we get a permanent home I would looove to have a little veggie garden! Haha, my poor orchid is just barely hanging in there. I’m afraid that I don’t have much of a green thumb!! Maybe I can train my husband do follow suit and do most of my gardening work 😉

  2. I love gardens & I want one so badly, but we live near a river & rats love river areas. I am petrified of varmin feasting upon our vegetables & them we would be eating their leftovers of our garden. I love beautiful blooming plants too. I even dream of grapvines all over the fence but then that fobea comes up again for the fear of rats. I got that fear from before when I lived in a trailer house. My vents we right next to the sewer line & they would get inside. I am thinking to use small metal tubs like a cow trough and use each one like a garden. I also think of people like the Garden. Where there is a lonely plant if you plant another next to each other they grow better & make more flowers or fruit than they would if growing alone all by itself. So, make everyone happy even the angry ones. Cheering them up will give you twice the happiness. Hey, we all miss y’all so much. Hugs n happy life. 🙂

    1. Love this post! I’m going through a rough patch too, but my pants keep me going. I often believe that I like plants more than people, but I also equate the two. I know that some people are like mint or chives, and can thrive in some lots of different conditions. Some people are like succulents, who only thrive in their own space relatively untouched. But the key is that in the end everyone does need some TLC!
      Cheryl, if you’re afraid of rat problems, look up Companion Planting. Basically if you plant mint or catnip around the edge of your garden, it will keep the rats away!