Calm & Ordinary Moments

Calm & Ordinary Moments

Over Thanksgiving, my family had the opportunity to get away for a few days and do something we always love doing – travel. We had a great excuse, too; it was Thanksgiving and there was a family reunion happening that week. How could we say no to visiting some places we’ve never been on the East Coast? Continue reading “Calm & Ordinary Moments”

Savannah, GA

Ever since our dating days, Jeff and I have wanted to travel. It’s been a constant in our dreams and goals to see things- like Niagara Falls or Rome and even smaller things like unknown beaches and long windy roads.

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Workcation | Franklin, Tennessee

Sunday, we had the immense honor of documenting a gorgeous wedding in Franklin, TN- over 8 hours from our home in here Charleston. Although we went to Franklin for business, we found (a little bit) of time to relax and explore this gorgeous historic town in the foothills of Tennessee.

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3 Favorite Roadtrip Items

As we are on the road (again!) to Franklin, Tennessee, I figured it would be appropriate to share with ya’ll some of our favorite road-trip necessities to make the long drives just a little cozier!

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Pre-baby Hurrah | Charleston, South Carolina

Thanks to some incredibly generous people, Jeff + I were gifted a hotel for two nights to have a final vacation as a couple before Joy comes along. Although we live relatively close to Charleston, SC (and it has it’s own place in our love story), we’ve never really taken the time to explore the massive amount of history, entertainment, and culture it has to offer.


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1st Anniversary | Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Once again, I’m digging through the months of the Tiny House Build to find the content that I intended to share but never did! Our first anniversary was celebrated back in May in Blowing Rock, NC- and it was so perfect.  As we are currently away on our final pre-baby vacation/celebration/hoo-rah in Charleston, I decided it would be fun to share some of our memories and photos of our time in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


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