Joy’s Christmas List – Buying Minimal For Your Child

Joy’s Christmas List – Buying Minimal For Your Child

This year for Christmas, we picked out only a few simple gifts for Joy. We’re big believers in gifting only a few presents for celebrations, and since our little family is in the very beginning stages of setting traditions & expectations, we want to start being intentional about this minimalist practice now. Continue reading “Joy’s Christmas List – Buying Minimal For Your Child”

Calm & Ordinary Moments

Calm & Ordinary Moments

Over Thanksgiving, my family had the opportunity to get away for a few days and do something we always love doing – travel. We had a great excuse, too; it was Thanksgiving and there was a family reunion happening that week. How could we say no to visiting some places we’ve never been on the East Coast? Continue reading “Calm & Ordinary Moments”



The month of the first cool breeze. The excitement of hot beach weather and river trails has worn off, and the anticipation for relaxed, cooler days are at an all-time high.

October makes me dream.

I dream of mountains capped with snow and wind that smells like pumpkin. I dream of smaller spaces, cozy spaces that encourage good conversation and warm cups of tea. I dream of a permanent home, and a big brick fireplace to live out some of my hopes.

But if I’m being honest with myself, really I’m always dreaming. October, for some reason, just brings it out of me even stronger. Continue reading “Anticipation”

Queen of the Castle

I’m done trying.

Stay with me here. As dramatic as that sounds, it’s actually a supposed to be read as a statement without any sass. The same way you would read ‘I took the dog out before you came home’ is how that’s supposed to be read.

But granted, you are missing some context. Let me fill you in:

I’m done trying to make my house perfect. Continue reading “Queen of the Castle”

Follow that Inspiration

There’s nothing quite like staying in a new place for a few nights. Whether you are staying in a hotel, with relatives, or in a strangers home there is a certain charm about the unfamiliar and a excitement about new perspectives.

Inspiration Continue reading “Follow that Inspiration”

Second-hand Favorite

I love home decor.Β For me, an ideal weekend activity is browsing unique shops and seeing gorgeous, custom pieces and envisioning them in my home. From hand-painted pallets to old dining room sets, I love it all.Β I want it all.

second-hand Continue reading “Second-hand Favorite”

Polaroids and Special Things

I love my Polaroid camera. I know, I know- it’s a shameless plug, really, but really it’s been more then just a pretty thing I put on my dresser. So far, this single film beginners camera has decorated our home and documented our lives.

Why you might want Continue reading “Polaroids and Special Things”

Do Dreams Ever Really Die?

I’m moving forward.

Life in our tiny house was amazing and beautiful. It had its challenges, of course, and it had its perfections. It’s where we fell in love with our baby girl. I tried to hold onto our tiny house, even after we moved. But the reality is that our tiny life was a season, and now we have entered another.

Pursuing Your Dream Continue reading “Do Dreams Ever Really Die?”

A Year of Tiny House Adventuring

Time in our tiny home felt like it was out of a fairy-tale. Well, not all the time, but quite a bit. As I’ve often said, it was my dream home-every detail Jeff built into it was exactly how I wanted it. And with no mortgage, no rent, and paying very minimally for utilities it was the life. The only money we’d really have to spend was for food + other essentials.

Altogether, our Tiny Adventure was a year long. Our build started in early February 2015, and we moved out of our completed home this February 2016. This change comes with a lot of emotions- we loved our tiny house and so enjoyed everything that comes from Tiny Living. However, just because we now live in a bigger space doesn’t mean that we can’t still embody some of the great aspects of tiny living.

beauty review Continue reading “A Year of Tiny House Adventuring”

On Moving

Disclaimer: Not Asheville | Boone NC

I’m scared.

Moving to Asheville, of course, is so incredibly exciting. I love the Blue Ridge Mountains, I love the city, I love change. But at the same time, I hate what that looks like for our family. I guess you could say I hate the consequences change brings.Β  Continue reading “On Moving”