Do Dreams Ever Really Die?

I’m moving forward.

Life in our tiny house was amazing and beautiful. It had its challenges, of course, and it had its perfections. It’s where we fell in love with our baby girl. I tried to hold onto our tiny house, even after we moved. But the reality is that our tiny life was a season, and now we have entered another.

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A Year of Tiny House Adventuring

Time in our tiny home felt like it was out of a fairy-tale. Well, not all the time, but quite a bit. As I’ve often said, it was my dream home-every detail Jeff built into it was exactly how I wanted it. And with no mortgage, no rent, and paying very minimally for utilities it was the life. The only money we’d really have to spend was for food + other essentials.

Altogether, our Tiny Adventure was a year long. Our build started in early February 2015, and we moved out of our completed home this February 2016. This change comes with a lot of emotions- we loved our tiny house and so enjoyed everything that comes from Tiny Living. However, just because we now live in a bigger space doesn’t mean that we can’t still embody some of the great aspects of tiny living.

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Tiny Living: 7 month reflection

It’s been seven months since Jeff + I made the leap and moved into our Tiny House! For nostalgia sake, here’s the move-in video we made:

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Tiny House Nursery

It’s so inspiring to go on Pinterest and see these gorgeous, huge nurseries for little baby-to-be. I mean, the colors, the patterns, the themes- it’s all enough to get my creative juices flowing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take to long to realize, Oh wait… I don’t have nearly enough space or budget to make these beautiful rooms work!

So this mama on a mission created her own unconventional, budget nursery that works in the space we have. Hopefully, this will help inspire you in small ways on how you can uniquely create a practical yet beautiful ‘baby’s space’ in very small quarters.

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A Day In the Life || Tiny House Style

Life in a tiny house isn’t exotic, it’s simple and it’s actually kind of normal. So, we filmed a video to give you a glimpse at real ‘tiny life’. So, here’s a day in our life.

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Christmas in a Tiny House

Earlier this week, I talked about how different (or maybe not so different!) Christmas in a Tiny House might be. Today, we decided to show you what that looks like!

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What I’m Giving Up This Christmas

Right now, I seriously can’t think of anything that beats living in a Tiny House. Okay, actually if our Tiny House was nestled somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains THAT would win hands down, but other then that I’m pretty content in our small space.

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Thanksgiving Menu || Tiny House Style

Who says you can’t have a great & super yummy Thanksgiving in a Tiny House? Not this girl!

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Living Tiny: It’s Not What You May Think

Living in a Tiny House really isn’t as big of adjustment as I thought it would be.

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Expectation Vs. Reality

Living in a Tiny House is wonderful. I love the small space, I love how it’s completely our own, and I love the financial freedom.

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