A Year of Tiny House Adventuring

Tiny House Life with a Baby

Time in our tiny home felt like it was out of a fairy-tale. Well, not all the time, but quite a bit. As I’ve often said, it was my dream home-every detail Jeff built into it was exactly how I wanted it. And with no mortgage, no rent, and paying very minimally for utilities it […]

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Tiny House Nursery

Minimalist Nursury for your Tiny Home

It’s so inspiring to go on Pinterest and see these gorgeous, huge nurseries for little baby-to-be. I mean, the colors, the patterns, the themes- it’s all enough to get my creative juices flowing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take to long to realize, Oh wait… I don’t have nearly enough space or budget to make these beautiful […]

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Christmas in a Tiny House

Earlier this week, I talked about how different (or maybe not so different!) Christmas in a Tiny House might be. Today, we decided to show you what that looks like! When we first started talking about decorating for Christmas, we thought we were limited to only a few options. Maybe some lights outside, maybe the […]

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What I’m Giving Up This Christmas

A Christmas Celebration in a House on Wheels

Right now, I seriously can’t think of anything that beats living in a Tiny House. Okay, actually if our Tiny House was nestled somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains THAT would win hands down, but other then that I’m pretty content in our small space. But, obviously, living Tiny means that our family will have to […]

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Expectation Vs. Reality

Tiny Home Truths and Facts

Living in a Tiny House is wonderful. I love the small space, I love how it’s completely our own, and I love the financial freedom. But, just like anything in life, there are definitely things to work through. Such as, my expectations verses the reality of home-owning. When you talk and dream and think about […]

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10 Must-Have Tiny House Kitchen Essentials

Here in our little Tiny House, we’re all about living small. We like keeping things basic and simple. At the same time, though, we aren’t about living like pre-historic caveman. In our view, Tiny Life is such a raw balance of keeping only what you need, while living comfortable enough to actually like it.

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