This year, I was inspired to seek Gods guidance on choosing ‘one word’ instead of a resolution. Choosing one word to direct my focus and direction in 2016 forces me to simplify my already overflowing ‘to-do list’, challenges me to be intentional about really and truly growing in one particular area for Christ.

And guys, the word that’s knocking on my heart kind of scares me. I don’t want to fix this area of my life- I am afraid of what people will think, I am afraid of how it will hurt to challenge myself in this way, I am afraid that I will end up being proved wrong in my approach. But my fear serves as a reminder that to grow in Christ is to be stretched, is to hurt, is to trust his perfect plan. My fear about choosing this word as a resolution is confirmation that this area of my life is one I need to desperately address.

So, confidence. For far to long have I doubted Gods plan for my life and his ability to use me. It’s normal for me to sit back and tell myself that I can’t be used, that I am not good enough to further his kingdom, to change a heart, to impact others. It’s easy to assume my opinion doesn’t matter.

Yet, in Christ, I have worth. In Christ, I have a plan and purpose for my life. In Christ, I have the CONFIDENCE to change lives, move hearts, and glorify God in both small and big ways.

Praise the Lord for growth, for conviction, for change. I am scared silly to be ‘more confident’ in myself, but how comforting it is to know his ways, his plan for me is much greater then my own.

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  1. Hey, that’s awesome! Confidence is a great word to choose. Christ really grows us when we step outside of our comfort zone and rely 100% on Him. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you!

  2. Hey ((((((((Veronica))))))) I’m at the hair dresser getting a color done. Its funny you mention Confidence. I’ve been discouraged from coloring my hair, even the glasses i choose the other day, were discouraged by some.I’m kinna stepping up to the plate myself. I know it may seem trivial with hair and glasses, but deep down I’ve had tho same problem too. I’m learning to enjoy life and have fun. I’m not getting any younger, and its important to be yourself and not hide in fear of what others think. Expressing yourself is important. As a as a Christians, expressing yourself in a Godly way, Confidence that God loves you, your personality….and you should show it! While loving others with Christ’s love,. YOU GOT THIS Veronica! Heavenly Father delights in you being you….he corrects those he lives, yet he doesn’t want you discouraged by that….His rod and staff are a comfort to you. Leading you with the staff, and knocking out enemies with the rod! Woot!!!^_~

      1. YAAAAAAAS! If ya don’t watch out, people will walk all over you! Sometimes I gotta remind myself, as long as God is ok with me, I’m doing good! Those closest to you can sometimes trample you without realizing it. <3

  3. Confidence is a good choice for a major goal for 2016. But, you look like you have that already. I need some of that too. I like your idea of picking a characteristic word to work on. That is simply intelligent!!!! Many try to complicate to seem intelligent but simplifying is where real intelligence can be found. You go girl!!!!! Hugs

  4. I love this! I think too often we confuse humility with constantly doubting ourselves. As though to live with confidence is somehow contrary to our faith.
    Of course, the tricky thing is to live confidently without becoming proud or cocky. But I find whenever I get too sure of myself, God finds a way to knock me down a few pegs. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree- I definite don’t want to become selfishly confident, but just rather confident in Christ’s love for me and the purpose he has called me to! Thank you for your thoughts!