No matter how much changes in your life, there are things that stay undeniably the same. It seems that, in the end, we all have our own themes that define our actions, drive our passions, and fuel our soul. These ‘themes’ are evident when we look back at our life and find the similarities in our hobbies, in our accomplishments and in failures.

Recently, I’ve realized that one of my themes is stories- telling, sharing, creating etc- and from that other themes of my life come together and compliment each other. When I look back at my previous goals and passions, story telling was always part of it. From theatre, to writing, and now photography- each of these art forms tells a tale in a way that nothing else can. Each harbor their own unique and artistic perspective in a way unchallenged by each other.

The reason this is all so substantial to me is because lately, I’ve been feeling a little bit flakey, a little bit misleading. As much as I love photography, I still love the performing arts and writing and sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what your life is not. It’s not that I don’t love photography (goodness, I so do) but negativity is so much easier to be drawn to. So, I’ve found that finding a mutual theme through the activities I enjoy is encouraging and helps bridge together past hobbies and enjoyments with my recent accomplishments.

I’m not just a performer, a writer, or a photographer. Never have one of these things defined me. I’m a storyteller. One who relishes in giving life to people and characters, to sharing themes and ideas, to documenting and portraying real life.

Knowing a underlying theme to my own life keeps the mundane exciting. Why do I blog? Why do I photograph? Why do I long for the stage? Because my purpose is more then just instant satisfaction from my own works, but rather to glorify God in sharing his story through people, through grief, through joy, and through sorrow.

It’s encouraging, too, finding a title I identify with. I find myself asking myself, what else can I explore? What are other ways to share life with others? Really, the possibilities are endless.

What is a constant ‘theme’ you see throughout your own life? How do your motivations and passions inspire you to grow and be challenged?




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  1. I love this Veronica! And I can’t wait to watch from as you pursue the things you love and that makes you feel purposeful! Keep at it girl! I am so excited about your future. You are so encouraging. 🙂

  2. I so resonate with what you’re talking about. It’s super easy to get consumed by the things you’re passionate about, seemingly losing a bit of yourself along the way. There really is a sort of “letting go” that comes with doing the things that make you feel most alive… and the more that you add, the more that you must be aware of why you do what you do. Really great post, and looking forward to what you continue to share with the world. Cheers!

  3. I am inspired by your writing of real life & your ability to share so well. I got a new phone & had to delay writing because the new phone seems awkward to me. Hugs & happiness!!!