Do Dreams Ever Really Die?

I’m moving forward.

Life in our tiny house was amazing and beautiful. It had its challenges, of course, and it had its perfections. It’s where we fell in love with our baby girl. I tried to hold onto our tiny house, even after we moved. But the reality is that our tiny life was a season, and now we have entered another.

It was hard to accept. I had dreamed of living Tiny, and for some reason I thought I failed because we no longer did. I used to think that dreams were the ultimate goals. I’ve always been a bit of a daydreamer- I dreamed of getting married, of living tiny, of having a family, of moving to the mountains. And I’ve been really fortunate to accomplish all of those things – even if not in the exact way I envisioned.

The truth is, we conquered our Tiny House Living dream. There’s no reason to feel ashamed that it doesn’t live up to others expectations, or even my own. I mean, we built our own home, we lived in it for 7 months with a newborn- and now we have new dreams. Now our family has new vision. And to a extent it’s unhealthy to hang onto the dream of living in our tiny house when the dream has already come to completion.

That makes sense, right? I mean who keeps the same, single dream their entire life?

I will always cherish our tiny house memories. But our family has moved on, and it’s time for my heart to catch up with my head and enjoy the here and now.

A few weeks ago, I let go entirely. We sold the Tiny House to a man who had his own vision, his own dream. And in a single morning, I watched my dream drive down the road and be passed on to someone else.

It was hard, it was emotional. It was relieving.

Today, I am free. I am no longer attached to a dream that has passed, or tied to an old season. We made a tough decision that benefits our family for the long run, and gives life to new dreams- to be debt free, to own a home with land, to set down roots. And, even more beautiful, our dream helped inspire a man to use our beautiful home for his own dreams- for financial freedom, for world travel with his daughter, for chance at a better life.

I’m okay with having new dreams. I’m okay with moving forward. I’ve never been so excited, so prepared, for the endless possibilities of new dreams for our family.

What dreams have you accomplished? What passion are you still working on making a reality?

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  1. Hey Veronica! I think it’s amazingly wonderful!!!! Sometime Tiny fits and sometimes it just can’t. But, one thing you learned from it is keeping only what you need, absolutely want and just gotta have of stuff!!!! You know when too much is bad. I think you were blessed to learn how to live tiny first. Yes, I agree with you about moving forward but I thought that you could make money by just renting it out. I think y’all are too busy for it right now. I am happy for you.
    I just took care of one of my life long desires. I got me an embroidery machine PE770. I have felt badly about the spending because I also bought a Spiegel sewing machine limited edition marking 150 years. I am gona use them both & get rid of my guilt. Hugs hugs & more bugs.
    Be sure to let us know what is next in your life. Does it have to end just because of tiny house? Let us know the successful decisions that you make now. Maybe your blessings will be 10 fold better.
    Love you all!!!

  2. Make a new you tube called “The Joy of Life”. and just do it for fun.. Watch out for weirdos on YouTube. It is as dangerous as Craig’s List. God Bless & keep you safe.

  3. Congratulations on the sale of your tiny house dream. And blessing on your bigger and better future dreams. Don’t limit yourselves. You are both very young so live life and live it abundantly and with out guilt. It’s your life and you only get one. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says. It’s your life and not theirs. So dream big and when you dream big dream bigger. And when you dream bigger then dream better. And enjoy it. In your life you will do and learn many things. Some will be by trial and error. But that’s how you gain wisdom and knowledge. You will see in 10 years and so on…
    Peace, joy and live, AnitaG

  4. Oh my goodness! I thought I lost you guys for good 😯. Until finally someone told me you were still blogging. I’ve missed you guys so much! See, I have lupus and fybromyalgia and I spend a lot of time in bed. Actually I couldn’t walk for almost a year, and you three were a daily blessing in my life. I’m glad to say it’s been a month since I’ve started receiving remicade infusions, and walking again! But still in a lot of pain and in bed a lot 👎. But God has a plan and I trust in his plan. I am so glad to hear that you are well. I’m sorry that you experienced the loss and heartache as you mourned the loss of your tiny home and dream. But God turns our mourning in to gladness, right? The love and faith that you guys have and constantly showed, really ministered to my heart when I needed it the most. You guys are always in my prayers and I’m just so happy to have found you!! Cheers to bigger dreams!!

    1. Oh my goodness! I am so glad to hear you are walking again! You are so strong and positive, thank you for sharing a little bit of your story with us + your prayers!

  5. Hi guys ! I also just found you again! I started watching you all from the start because I too am housebound due to medical issues. I so looked forward to your smiling faces and happiness each day, you brightened my spirits and truly kept me going through some pretty dark days.
    It began as interest in the tiny house and grew to a routine of watching your videos along with others who also helped inspire and give me hope each day. You see it never really was about the tiny house, it was about two awesome inspiring individuals who have a gift to spread cheer and joy!!! Literally! With the whole world. I miss your videos! 🌹