Don’t Stop.

Lazy September Days

As my last post indicates, this season has been a little crazy. I didn’t intend to take a hiatus (especially on such a incomplete thought), but that’s what happened and now I think it was good for me to take a break. I had to focus for a little bit on being a mom, on being a wife, and not pursue myself so much. I know that can be taken a few different ways, but trust me when I say that I think I’m a better part of our family because of it.

But now, it’s time to explore creatively again. I made the hiatus a little bit worse by wanting to come back to blogging, back to civilization, perfect. What I mean by that is I wanted my branding to be spot-on, I wanted to be satisfied completely by my presentation, I wanted you to think I had it all together and knew exactly what I was doing.

That’s so inaccurate, and because of it I was missing out.

I was missing out on the encouragement and conversations so many of you share. I missed out on doing something I loved and worried instead about the details. I gained a little bit of extra stress and a little bit more worry and fear of not being good enough.

I’m sure some of you can relate. Has their been something you stopped doing, that you stopped pursuing because it seemed like to much? Because it seemed like you worked so hard at it and there was always more to improve, more to work on, more to ‘fix’?

Don’t stop now. Actually, do stop worrying. But don’t stop trying.

Whether you’re like me and overwhelmed by all of the aspects of blogging and don’t know if it’s worth it. Or maybe the organization methods you are used to are falling apart around you and you feel like you can’t function, but there are deadlines and projects that need to be completed. Maybe you are realizing that the art you love so much is more complicated and daunting and you have a long way to go. No matter where you find yourself in your life- don’t let your imperfections or the long road ahead of you stop you from moving forward.

It’s true- there is always a way to get better at your craft, always a way to improve. But don’t get so caught up in those details that you forget why you even like doing these extra things you do.

So I’m back, and I can’t guarantee it’ll be perfect. I’ll have posts that make more sense then others, and sometimes will miss a week. But that’s okay, because what matters is that I’m trying, that I’m moving forward, that I’m doing something. Even if it’s far from perfect.

Is there anything in your life that feels too daunting? What activities make you feel alive even though they are trying? What are some practical ways you can continue in your passions even on the hardest days?

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  1. I relate. I used to blog EVERY DAY about homeschooling, because I was encouraged by so many other homeschooling blogs. But life gets in the way and I felt my blog was taking up too much time and I was too concerned with what photos I would post, what I would write about, etc. I don’t get to my blog much nowadays and that’s okay.

    Sewing is similar. I enjoy it… but not when I feel pressured or have too many other things going on. It feels like a luxury trying to be “creative.”

    1. Yes! For some reason it’s so easy to make the creative outlets you enjoy feel more like a ‘job’ and less, well, enjoyable. I’m glad you can relate! Our creativity definitely (usually) ends up making a better product when we are doing it out of love for the craft and for the sake of creating rather then to have the ‘perfect’ project, post, or sweater. 🙂 As usual, appreciate your comment!

  2. Hi Veronica! It’s so good for you to be back. I think there is one thing that you need to work on for yourself & life itself. You need to balance your time of blogging & creativity with your naturally beautiful writings with your time to enjoy The Real Life Time. Real life time can actually be easily pushed aside for great writers. I am only thinking of you when I say this. A method to keep your writing time balanced is to make a writing time schedule so that you allow for it but without letting it take you over or overwhelm you straight from the beginning. But, personally I am so glad to see that you are making time for it. Hugs & best encouragement…..Cheryl Henson.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! Yes I’ve started making up a schedule for myself because I do want to be consistent, but I also need that ‘Real Life time’ you mention! Haha. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!

  3. Oh my goodness. Yes! This is so relatable and very real for me. I second guess myself all the time when it comes to writing but if I don’t write I lose a part myself/ my passion that fuels me. I won’t stop and I want to hone my craft. There is a ton more I want to do and even change, but your right…
    “…there is always a way to get better at your craft, always a way to improve. But don’t get so caught up in those details that you forget why you even like doing these extra things you do.”

    Thank you for your lovely words. Don’t stop because I love your writing! It’s so encouraging.

    1. So glad to hear you could relate to this! Your blog and your words are so powerful, keep moving forward! Thanks so much for your encouragement as well, I really appreciate it!

  4. I just started blogging for some creative/me time. I was afraid it would turn into more of a job, because well, I make everything unnecessarily hard. So I can relate and i will be focusing on this also.