Expectation Vs. Reality

Tiny Home Truths and Facts

Living in a Tiny House is wonderful. I love the small space, I love how it’s completely our own, and I love the financial freedom.

But, just like anything in life, there are definitely things to work through. Such as, my expectations verses the reality of home-owning. When you talk and dream and think about going Tiny, you have the obvious questions of ‘will I like it’, ‘will it be too small?’, and so forth. Rarely do you consider the actual upkeep that would come with a typical family home. But, after all, a Tiny House IS a home, and just like any others will have its issues and growing pains.

The past two weeks have been a little stressful in our small space. Our ductless AC unit has been increasingly leaking fluids, and our toilet fan broke. Both relatively small issues that can be taken care of easily, but I never would have guessed what an ordeal it would be to fix them both!

The AC unit was above a window and our work space, which means both of our computers were kept under it. We also have hard drives, cameras, and other work equipment in that space often. At first, the leak was minor and we could easily maintain it, but when we came back from our Charleston vacation the desk + towels were soaked and we had to move everything from our work space.. which caused major upheaval and just mess in our living room.

Then, of course, we found a leak in our bathroom. Perfect. So the bathroom floor is now torn apart down to the first layer and is soaking wet. The majority of our daily bathroom routine and its accessories (toothbrushes, etc) are now kept in the kitchen. Add the whole toilet fan breaking, and it’s just a stinky, not-fun mess.

So now, as I am writing this, the Tiny House feels like it’s in chaos. From my seat on our new couch (the only place right now that gives comfort), I see our dining room table covered with work clutter. I see our normal work space draped with towels and dripping water (that occasionally splashes me). I see toothbrushes and toothpaste near the kitchen sink.

This temporary living may make things stressful, but it doesn’t make me love our home any less or feel like the time we spent perfecting our home was wasted. I’m realizing the reality of tiny home-ownership is much different then my expectations. I assumed the hardest part would be building the house and preparing ourselves for the small space- without consideration to the continual upkeep a home requires.

And you know, despite the stress, it’s okay! I know once these issues are fixed, there will be other things to work though that may or may not be Tiny House related. And such is life! Rarely will my expectations line up with the reality of life, and it’s not worth getting stressed over.

We talk some about these ‘issues’ in our vlogs on our youtube channel, Wife Me and Tea. So if you are insanely curious about the logistics of these issues to avoid in your own Tiny Home, pop over there to hear a little bit more detail from Jeff! In other news, starting today we will be vlogging daily. Er, daily as in weekdays. But still awesome!

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  1. For the AC, it sounds like a drainpan issue- it’s either filling up too fast or it’s not tilted enough for adequate drainage. You probably already know that, but there’s my two cents.

    1. Yeah… we’ve tried both tilting it and re-working the drainage so it empties easier. Jeff thinks it has something to do with the intense humidity we’re having, because he looked under the house at the piping and it’s all dripping… I don’t know what any of it means. Haha. 😛 Thank you!

  2. I want to build a tiny house. On my list of things to do! Issues will always happen and are just as stressful; big house or tiny! Grats on your tiny home and best wishes! 🙂

  3. I’m glad you guys are willing to discuss the reality of living in a tiny house. I think sometimes this lifestyle is glamorized which could lead to unrealistic expectations as you so adequately stated. Sure you don’t want to only focus on the negative because challenges can come up no matter what sort of living situation you might have, but these kinds of honest feedback gives people food for though when preparing for their own tiny house dream.