How Are We Going Tiny?

One of the biggest questions people have for us is how exactly we plan on going Tiny. Although we have some plans and a path we’re hoping to follow, none of our answers are 100% guaranteed that this is the exact direction we’re headed- or even that these ideas are the only way anyone could do it. Consider this a rough sketch to the basic yet important questions that everyone seems to be asking. Henceforth (because sometimes cool words are needed), we’re going to do this one sort of like a Q & A, because it just seems easier to give answers when the questions are actually there. That said, we don’t have all the answers- but if you have solutions, ideas, or plain encouragement, we’d love for you to share with us!
tinyhowfinal where will you park it? do you have to buy land?
 At this time, Jeff + I don’t know where we will end up parking our Tiny House once it is complete. Many people just travel with their tiny house across America (like Jeremy Jackson and Molly Baker) others park it in people’s yards, and some do opt to purchase land. While we do eventually want to have land of our own to place our Tiny House, we’re initially looking to either travel with it or be backyard buddies with a generous land owner.

so if you travel with it, how does electricity work?
A Tiny house can be wired electrically just like a R.V. or home. You can opt to hook it up to a electrical source (such as a home or generator). People also choose to go completely ‘off the grid‘, using only propane and solar panels as the energy source. This is more of the route we’re looking at taking- we really love the concept of not having to be tied down to the electrical grid.

what about plumbing?
This really varies based on what you are looking to do with the Tiny House. For hopeful travelers like us, there are a lot of eco-friendly options that aren’t too different from the way a normal RV’s plumbing works. Although we are still looking into toilets that don’t just dump our waste in disgusting ways, and know there are solutions to have running water, we still are unsure about which direction exactly we will go with each of these.

are you building your own house? Like, literally… building it?
Actually, yes. Jeff + I will literally build our Tiny House. Some things (such as the trailer) we actually aren’t doing ourselves and will find a professional (actually, trailer-shopping is where we are at right now), but as far as putting up the walls, flooring, roofing, the whole shebang- we will attempt to build this bad boy completely ourselves as others have before. And I am so exited about that!

where’s the money coming from?
Really, this is the most uncertain part for us. We have no clue. This is where we need support, prayers, and a flood of ideas. We so strongly feel that this is the next step in our journey, but there’s just so many questions for us as to how we will be able to finance this project. Of course, we believe strongly God will provide in his timing for what he has called us to, but we want to be as proactive as possible and expectant in preparation for this project. After all, our timeline (as we’ve been told and know is true) is pretty bold and rather, er, adventurous.

so, what IS the timeline?
A huge reason we’re going tiny is so we can live more financially free, which often points to having little to no debt. Consequently, before major construction begins we want to be completely debt-free. We don’t have much, just a bit of residue from starting up our business, so we are aiming to have the bills all paid by June 1st. This is when (Lord willing) we’re hoping to begin the actual construction of the Tiny House- which we would like to be completed by November 17th, 2015, when our lease to our current apartment ends. We know, pretty ambitious. That gives us 4 and a half months to build and about 5 months before that (starting today) to save, research, plan and raise the necessary money for our Tiny House. If this timeline goes well, we will be on the building & planning journey for our Tiny House for a grand total of about 9 months. I guess we could refer to it as our first baby, if you really wanted to.

a question for YOU.
  We don’t have all the answers. In fact, when we put together all of our ‘hows’ and realize just how much we have unanswered… it can get pretty overwhelming. Right now, we’re brainstorming just how we’re going to raise the money. And, of course, there are obvious answers. Work like crazy. Save like crazy. Network, beg, fundraise. But we believe a focused action plan would be so much more efficient then dipping into everything. So, we would love for you to share with us. When heading towards a huge dream, towards your passions and goals- what do you find to be most effective? How have you balanced your time and written a practical action plan? Of course, we know that what may work for you may not be what works for us, but we’re looking for lots of new perspectives and different ways of preparing & fundraising that we may have never considered. Consider this an invitation to be a big part to the beginning of the next chapter in our lives, because this step is so crucial.

All of that said, we would so love to hear from you! Please feel free to share your heart out- your mistakes, what you’ve learned, and what inspired you to pursue and chase your goals. Leave us a comment, we’d love to talk!

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  1. You need to check out the compost commodes, saw fast and it may be lime is all u need, with a good drain. John and I saw them in Africa.

  2. It sounds like you are I are about in the same place! I am getting ready to sign a new lease on my apartment, but I still want to have a house together within the next year. I have a lot of hopes and dreams that I am turning into plans, but not a lot of answers at this point. But I strongly believe is stepping out in faith. If God has put this on your hearts, then I am positive that He will work it out in His time.

    I found this book really helpful, the one called Your Message Here. They have some great ideas.

    Good luck!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah. We will definitely check that book out (we need all the help we can get)! Really glad we bumped into each other- we’re at almost the same place in our Tiny House journey, and for such a unique & challenging experience I feel like connecting with people who ‘get it’ is essential.

      Best of luck to you as well!

  3. Veronica, how cool that you’re building a tiny house too! It sounds like we’re making a lot of similar decisions: mobile, off-grid, building yourselves. I’m looking forward to checking in on your progress and learning more about you!