Joy Elise | Five Months Old

I seriously cannot believe how fast our sweet baby has grown! Every month I’ve been taking ‘monthly photos’, just for memories sake, but this month hit me with a ton of nostalgia for my baby girl. She’s starting to fill out (finally!), and her baby face is looking more and more like a little girl every day.

I can’t believe how fast this time has flown. She’s so independent now, which both hurts my heart and also makes me so proud. She hates being confined and stuck in a area- she likes to move, she likes to see, she likes to be a part of what’s going on around her.

She’s not yet rolling over, but she practices by herself all the time! She can roll from her back to tummy, so that’s fun and sometimes causes some tears. She also can be placed in the sitting position and holds herself up super well!

Her favorite things are chew toys (specially, this guy right here) , sitting up in her bobby, and being with people.





Seeing my home-made photos of her makes me ache for the time right after her birth. Those first few days were so hard, and felt like such a battle- but they still held their own magical moments. I wish I would have taken the time and money to have gotten professional newborn photos so we could have the little wrinkly feet and our tired faces on print- and didn’t have another thing to worry about ourselves!

Five months later, I’ve struggle with motherhood. It looks different then I thought it would, and there are weird emotional moments I never would have expected. But I love little Joy so much, she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


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  1. Hello Sweet Veronica!!! What beautiful pictures of the Joy in y’alls life!!! She is developing a real personality now as the pictures display. Honestly, she looks 50/50 like the both of you. She appears to be more of a redhead like Jeff but slightly more of your facial expressions. This is a good time for you to grab a good nap or two because once she gets to travelling upon those crawling knees you will not get much rest. That’s when you will be on the run keeping her out of things. Pots and pans are good for playtime when she gets that busy. The sounds keep you alert of where she is and keeps her occupied. Seems strange but as they grow old time toys still are the best. Another good busy toy will be blocks. At first they just learn to pick them up but then they learn to stack them up. These are great builders of her planning ability & skills. I drifted a bit but short notes make it important to give clues of what will come. I am so pleased that you all moved into a more spacious place for her. Tiny houses are great but not during certain stages of life. I just love the pictures & you guys. It is so nice of you to take the time to let us all know how y’all are doing. Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!!! Thank you for allowing us to share in your new days.

  2. Ok, the picture where she is chewing her own tootsies? Beyond adorable. I would be sure to have that ready to pull out and show off when she is a teenager and starts dating!