Joy Is Two

This past week, I wrote out Joy’s birth story.

It had been long overdue. I’ve let two years go by with the majority of my memory floating around in my mind, with a few notes scattered here and there on my phone and scrap pieces of paper. Caught up in my baby turning TWO and the few moments I did remember, I set aside a afternoon to sit and write out everything I could think of as accurately as possible. It was hard to contain the smile on my face – I was fortunate to have a awesome birth experience. Everything that happened at the birth center and the moments leading up to it were solely mine and completely magical.

Three hours later, I passed my written birth story to Jeff and left the room with a giggle. I soon realized afterwords that although my story – her story- is beautiful to us, it’s a little too personal to share. Actually, it took Jeff grimacing and telling me “that’s sort of graphic, don’t you think?” to step back and think about it. So maybe one day it will grace these pages, but for now I’m holding it close and private. It may be a little much to share, but it’s intimate and precious.

There is one thing I wanted to share from her birth story that I feel is still relevant two years later, something I didn’t even catch between the lines until sat down and wrote it all out.

On the morning of her birth, the room was hot and steamy. But despite the pain and hardship that is labor, I remember vividly so much laughter. The nurses and midwives were genuinely kind, and joy filled the room. In my scattered memories, I remember pieces of happiness. From the nurse that danced to our birth playlist, to describing this little baby slowly entering the world, there was laughter dancing off our tongues and a song in my heart.



If you had told me in the days before the birth that everyone would be laughing and having a jolly good time while I was in labor, I wouldn’t have believed you. It still feels a bit surreal, to be honest. It was supposed to be rough and painful and hard. And it was, truthfully it was. But in the backbone of my mind, engraved and interwoven in my memories, is still laughter and joy.

How fitting was it that our baby girl would enter this world joyfully and triumphantly? That even through the roughest patches, she would bring us sunshine and happiness when we least deserved it and least expected it?

‘Joy’ was a name we picked out for her from the very beginning, from those first days when we were unsure if she would be a boy or girl. Since we’ve met her and gotten to know her over two beautiful, trying years her name has become her more and more. It’s only fitting that her triumphant entry into the world would have been one of both pain and whimsy.

Since those precious, fleeting moments in the birthing room, she’s grown into the most adventure-seeking yet cautious little girl. Opinionated and headstrong, there’s never a doubt about what she wants, and she adores meeting new people. Laughter seems to trickle around her, following her tiny footsteps and filling up the empty space.

Yesterday, she turned two. Has it really been two years of our family being whole? Dear one, you add more to our lives than you know.

Joy Elise, our delight and great happiness.

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  1. I started watching your channel on YouTube before Joy was born. Hard to believe it’s been more than two years now! And Joy is two! Can it really be?!