Max Patch

Max Patch might just be my favorite spot in North Carolina. If I wasn’t such a city girl, I’d totally want to build a little cabin on top of it and wake up every morning to the incredible view and silence of the outdoors. To be fair, though, one of the things that makes Max Patch so magical is the people there. The Appalachian Trail runs right over the top of it, and it’s a popular spot for camping. Every time we’ve been there, there’s been a culture of respect for nature and enjoyment of simple, wonderful things. Away from from the constant distraction of technology, you’ll find people singing around campfires, throwing a football, or laughing over beer and snacks.

Hiking with a Toddler on the Appalachian Trail

This weekend, we had the opportunity to drive the hour and fifteen minutes to Max Patch with a old friend. Even though it was our third time being there, and there was significantly less people there then usual, it still held its charming quietness and magical beauty. Who could get tired of those incredible mountains?!

Traveling with a toddler to Max Patch Mountain,North Carolina

Ah, Max Patch makes me dream. There’s something about the silence of the outdoors, away from cities and sound, that puts perspective into your priorities and lifestyle.

I fervently wish to travel, to see and experience new landscapes and cultures. It’s easy to get caught up in this desire, and of course there’s nothing initially wrong with this idea. But the way I see it, growing discontent where I am leaves me dissatisfied and empty instead of fulfilled and hopeful.  So although I’ll continue to dream, I need to leave room to enjoy the every day.

I’m creating a Asheville ‘bucket list’ of things locally that I want to do and explore, things that excite me. I don’t want to look back on my life and see that I wasted it wishing for adventure when the possibilities were right in my own backyard. I want to remember moments like these, memories of getting out and enjoying what the Appalachian has to offer.

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What’s in your hometown? What can you do this week to fully experience where you live?

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