On Moving

From sea to the mountains

I’m scared.

Moving to Asheville, of course, is so incredibly exciting. I love the Blue Ridge Mountains, I love the city, I love change. But at the same time, I hate what that looks like for our family. I guess you could say I hate the consequences change brings.

We feel so strongly that moving to Asheville is definitely the next step for our family. After our dream fell through, we drew back to reflect on our family and goals for our life. After lots of prayer and discussion, we realized that our dream to move to Boone wasn’t based on our desire to serve and honor Christ, but to fill a void in our hearts that replaced Christ altogether. As Christians, we try our best to life a life of service towards others and our Lord, and chasing Boone was merely chasing our own fantasy of a ‘free’ life in the mountains because we were tired of the imperfections here. When you live a life running from imperfections, you never really find a home.

Around this time of self-pursuit, people kept asking us about Asheville, and it seemed to be in the forefront everywhere (although I’m sure people’s implications were insinuating we were hippies rather then real serious suggestions). Although we’ve visited Asheville before and loved many aspects, we never considered (and were very much against) moving there. I remember the first time we explored its historic downtown and watched their annual beer festival happen around us, (and y’all, there was a lot more then just ‘celebrating beer’ going on) Jeff stated ‘I would never, ever want to raise a family here.’

Who would have guessed that just months later our heart would stir for this city?

Our time of waiting was really difficult (and for me, emotional). We know, we knew that Charleston wasn’t our permanent home- although we have a wonderful church family and good relationships all around, there’s been a call on our hearts from nearly day one to trust God in a new, different place. Jeff would tell me that we need to refocus our purpose around Christ and not ourselves, that he would reveal to us in his timing where and what we were supposed to do. But, until then, we needed to stop forcing doors open and be content in our current place.

So, we prayed. And we waited. And practiced being content. Until, on a whim, we were looking at churches in Asheville online and came across a new, baby church that was just launching. A church plant. A thing we have always wanted to be a part of.

It’s impossible to describe the calling that was placed on our hearts in that moment, and the multiple moments of confirmation after confirmation that followed in the days after. Really, all you can do is just believe us when we say that we know Asheville is now home for us, despite our previous conceptions. That moving from everyone and everything we know is what’s best for us.

And I’m scared. Because this Asheville adventure is not the dream I thought up when we hoped to move to Boone. This is not my fairy-tale.

Our Tiny House can’t come with us, my dream home. In the future, perhaps, but right now it is literally impossible for us. I’m scared that this makes me a failure, a let down, a fraud. I’m worried others will view us the same way. I’m nervous that all the good things we’ve learned from living tiny- living simply, living with less, financial management, will be harder to maintain.

We’re joining a church with very few members. I’m scared we won’t have anything good to contribute, that we will be just numbers, that it will be hard to connect with others.

We’re relocating our business. I’m scared that Asheville won’t be good to us, won’t like our style, that we don’t have what it takes.

We’re moving to an apartment. I’m scared of the financial burden, one of the reasons we choose a Tiny House in the first place. I’m terrified that we will be evicted, or starving, or something.

I’m writing all this to push past those fears. I know I don’t need other people to confirm the direction we feel we should go as a family; after all, my worth is not wrapped up in what people think of me. I struggle with confidence, and it’s no wonder that my word of the year should already be tested so early.

So, already we are taking measures to continue to ‘live tiny’ no matter where we are. We’ve always encouraged people that no matter where or how you live, you can still embody simple living in a intentional way. We’ve chosen a one-bedroom apartment to still be close together and dwell in a small space. It’s important for us to continue to challenge ourselves to live minimally, eco-friendly, and people-oriented and fight materialism.

This journey is new for us, and I hope you will join us for the ride! We are excited for the day when our Tiny Home will join us, however until then we will be opening it up on Air bnb for others to experience the tiny life and hopefully inspire you to pursue a simpler lifestyle yourself!

Have you ever pursued a calling or dream that scared you to bits? How do you cope with your fear?


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  1. I see your concerns Veronica about the move & I think you should set perimeters about the move. Give this NEW town & financial change a SIX month trial period. If in 6 months it has impacted your life instead of nurturing it, then its time to look elsewhere. A bigger town might help financial security but smaller towns are usually better for family growth. Take a 6 month lease instead of a year. You can freely leave or stay but you will know by then if the place will meet your needs &desires. Small towns still have good & bad people. Keep faith in God & follow your internal spirit for knowing God’s path for you. God BBless & be safe & enjoy everyday. Amen

    1. Good points You make (((((((CHERYL))))))) I really love your ideas for Veronica and Jeff! Very wise indeed! God bless you!

  2. Your journey in discovering how to cope with the worldlinessGodlessness around you is very significant. Some people try to hide from it. Look at the Amish and Certain Baptist, Reformed-Calvinists and more. They make being separate , holy and Godly into a elite lifestyle. You are discovering something really important… God wants us to Shine our light. Look at the disciples and Apostles in God’s word very carefully. They didn’t all just dig a hole and hide themselves. ( maybe hidmet in the catacombs due to persecution. But, they didn’t stay there.They had differing lifestyles, resisting evil and loving Good. Think about it….. You are no frauds… Y’all are living in the real world, with real people who need Christ.

  3. You guys have so much to offer a sprouting Church, even you have no idea. I am praying they receive you with open arms and give appreciation to God for sending them your support. Watch out for wolves… and hirelings…. For we both know true Shepherds guard the flock. Praying for both of you to have a Keen sense of Discernment. You will please God and do his will, if your CONFIDANCE IS IN CHRIST…. courageously ……

  4. If you know you’re following God’s leading in your life, then don’t worry about all of that other stuff. Easier said than done, I know! I would be more worried if you ignored what you knew He wanted you to do and pursued your own interests (hmmm, does Jonah come to mind?). Why would He call you there but not take care of you? Even lower on the list is what others think of you; you can never please everyone, no matter how hard you try, and you shouldn’t try!

    Even if Asheville isn’t your “dream,” think how wonderful it will be if that’s where God wants you! Anything outside of His plan is not worth it, no matter how prettily packaged it may be. Good luck with all the exciting and scary changes.

    1. Karla, you are right! God bless you! Its such a privilege to see Veronica receiving such wise and Godly advice! Praise God!

  5. I hope you are enjoying your coffee, tea, devotional, and other goodies I sent. I got the Yemen Mocha in. If you want some of that, just send me your new P.O box, or address or whatever. Praying you get settled happily and avoid this Stomach Flu thing I keep seeing people get all over the U.S. FYI, I discovered the only hand sanitizer that works against viruses is 70% or higher alcohol content. Please pray for us, we are praying for you ((((((((((JeffVeronicaJoy))))))))))) <3

      1. Whaazzat? What,who? whatwhatWHAT?? Yay! (^.^)/ So glad to hear from you! You just made my day, Veronica Mc’ AWESOMENESS Rodgers! I’ll be Keeping my eyes on the snail mail for sure! What a treat! I love getting letters, especially from my Friends
        ((((((((((JEFF VERONICA AND JOY)))))))))) !!!
        Wheee! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 And I love sharing my Tea and Coffee collection with you! I recently got some new additions, since you got me hooked on Earl Gray! Seriously girl…I totes forgot how delicious this tea is!!! I'm on the hunt for 'the best' one. So far I haven't had a bad one yet….(o8 I am so glad you took a cyber Vay Cay! I totes do the same thing every so often. You got my address, Facebook and my email. Ya'll feel free to contact me if you ever feel the desire or need. ^_~

  6. Ok, now I’m getting a tad concerned. Where fore art Thou ((((((((((JeffVeronicaJoy)))))))))) just a heads up, hi. Hello,…..something?

    1. Hi Jessica! We are alive and well, just taking a much needed break from most social media. The move went awesome but everything has kept us extremely busy. We’ll catch up with everyone soon!

    1. Hi girl, I just sent them a message on their ” woven strands” company on Facebook. Trying not to be too intrusive, but gosh they left us hanging. Veronica said she felt scared and all that. I can try to call the number on their FB, but gosh,….I’m not a potential client…. and that’s a bit awkward for both of us…. but its my last resort… holding out for a FB reply…… Keep praying everybody!

    2. Hi Kathy! We are alive and well, just taking a much needed break from most social media. The move went awesome but everything has kept us extremely busy. We’ll catch up with everyone soon!

  7. Howdy Veronica! I definitely got to try vanilla earl grey! I was also wondering, should I send stuff to your Summerville P.O box, or do I need to send it someplace else? I still have some Yemen mocha roasted coffee, and a few new teas to share…^_^