PA trip – Quick Overview

So, I know lately our posts have been rather lack luster. As in, we’ve literally been posting nothing. But not because there has been nothing going on, but rather because EVERYTHING has been going on.

This past weekend, we took a quick trip to Pennsylvania. By ‘quick’, I mean a 16 hour car ride from late Thursday until late Friday,  then a wedding on Saturday, and then the 16-hour treck down to Charleston Sunday.

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Needless to say, we were tired most of the time and living on coffee all the time. However the sights were FANTASTIC, the people loads of fun, and the trip very worth while.


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Friday evening, Jeff and I got the unexpected news that the parents of the groom wanted us to photograph the wedding we were supposed to be attending the very next day! In a excited panic we researched, practiced, and practiced for this amazing opportunity. We are so grateful and feel very blessed that we were entrusted to take the photographs for the most significant day of their lives, and have ever since our trip completely immersed ourselves in editing the tons of pictures from the wedding.


Jeff taking a break at our fabulous hotel room


Of course, being the Rogers, we didn’t just shoot a wedding and drive back. We fit in time to have fun- we went miniature Golfing in the coolest golf course I have ever seen, we visited an Ice Mine (I know, right?), and somehow STILL had time to watch TruTv and play cards for hours in our hotel room. At least no one can blame us for being boring. 🙂

It was really an awesome learning experience- there was so many opportunities to explore low-lighting settings of our camera, and to practice flexibility. Lots of flexibility. And holding your bladder. 😉



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  1. Awe – Love your post & the pictures are amazing!:) Made us smile and laugh … no being bored when you’re a Rogers! It really was a ton of fun – you guys were awesome too! We’ll have to do it again sometime…maybe not for a few months though! 🙂