The month of the first cool breeze. The excitement of hot beach weather and river trails has worn off, and the anticipation for relaxed, cooler days are at an all-time high.

October makes me dream.

I dream of mountains capped with snow and wind that smells like pumpkin. I dream of smaller spaces, cozy spaces that encourage good conversation and warm cups of tea. I dream of a permanent home, and a big brick fireplace to live out some of my hopes.

But if I’m being honest with myself, really I’m always dreaming. October, for some reason, just brings it out of me even stronger. Continue reading “Anticipation”

Don’t Stop.

Don’t Stop.

As my last post indicates, this season has been a little crazy. I didn’t intend to take a hiatus (especially on such a incomplete thought), but that’s what happened and now I think it was good for me to take a break. I had to focus for a little bit on being a mom, on being a wife, and not pursue myself so much. I know that can be taken a few different ways, but trust me when I say that I think I’m a better part of our family because of it. Continue reading “Don’t Stop.”

I’m In This Season…

I’m In This Season…

I’ve been a little quiet lately on social media, besides pointless scrolling and otherwise non-engaging in other people’s things. And although I told myself that I’m just a little too busy to engage in writing and sharing photos, I realize as my days go by that’s just something I’m telling myself to feel a bit better about ignoring my personal goals and commitments. Continue reading “I’m In This Season…”

Hot-Mess Mom Necessities

There are those girls that just have the mommy gene in them. From the time their younger siblings (or really any baby after them) was born, they bare the title of ‘little mommy’ and beg to help feed and wash and play with the brand new baby. Other girls grow to be the ‘mother’ of their friend group- the one who nags and pays for meals and gives advice beyond her years.

Then there are girls like me.

Motherhood does not come natural to me. I prefer spontaneous outings and long roadtrips full of awful candy and glass soda to the scheduled nap times and healthy food planning. Although I aspire to be that mom, and with every fiber of my being I try to meal plan and perfect ‘mom status’, I’m just not that good at it.

Thankfully, I’m not the only hot-mess mom winging it out there. I am grateful for the other moms who have come beside me and said, “me, too”, and the ones who have share that this whole mom thing is hard. Continue reading “Hot-Mess Mom Necessities”

Worship Creatively

One of my favorite things about living in Asheville is the artistic community. We have painters and sculptors, musicians and dancers. I’ve never lived in a city where the arts have been so vibrant.

I love walking through downtown during the early evenings. Street performers are everywhere. Poets on the corner, musicians next to the bus stop, and acrobats juggling on unicycles line the sidewalks. These people have incredible stories, and to me are full of inspiration. Performance of any kind is hard, and takes lots of stamina and patience to not only please your audience, but to make enough money to make it to the next town.

Being in a place where art is so easily accessible has forced me to re-evaluate what ‘worship’ looks like. Already this is a topic that people argue about back and forth about when it comes to a church’s traditional worship environment (is it worship if the music is to loud? Are you really experiencing God if you don’t engage physically in song? etc), and sometimes I feel like we are so focused on the right way to worship that we forget that there are many ways to worship. Continue reading “Worship Creatively”

I Love Her So Much, It Hurts

I Love Her So Much, It Hurts

My morning shower is sacred ground. It’s the only time in my day free of baby tears and puppy smell, so I embrace it. I take my sweet time, separate from my family but not so far that I can’t hear Joy cooing or Jeffrey firmly telling her ‘no.’ She’s at that age now where we’re trying to introduce gentle discipline, so our days are filled with ‘no, Joy’ on repeat.
Continue reading “I Love Her So Much, It Hurts”



No matter how much changes in your life, there are things that stay undeniably the same. It seems that, in the end, we all have our own themes that define our actions, drive our passions, and fuel our soul. These ‘themes’ are evident when we look back at our life and find the similarities in our hobbies, in our accomplishments and in failures.

Continue reading “Definition”

Queen of the Castle

I’m done trying.

Stay with me here. As dramatic as that sounds, it’s actually a supposed to be read as a statement without any sass. The same way you would read ‘I took the dog out before you came home’ is how that’s supposed to be read.

But granted, you are missing some context. Let me fill you in:

I’m done trying to make my house perfect. Continue reading “Queen of the Castle”