Polaroids and Special Things

I love my Polaroid camera. I know, I know- it’s a shameless plug, really, but really it’s been more then just a pretty thing I put on my dresser. So far, this single film beginners camera has decorated our home and documented our lives.

It feels like I talk a lot about how special little moments are to me, and I try to find a healthy balance on this blog between over-sharing personal things and using my experiences to encourage others. I think, in a weird correlation, that’s why I love the Polaroid so much. It’s only one shot, one photo of a memory- not backed up or saved everywhere. Like memories themselves, these photos are precious, are personal, and unique.

There’s actually a blogger who I recently came across who touched on a similar idea. Her thoughts were more about decluttering and maintaining a stress-free home (you can read her whole very helpful post here), but one line specifically stuck out to me – “If you hold onto everything… because everything is special in some way, then really nothing is very special.”

Oh my gracious yes. I feel as though these words perfectly sum up the way I’ve always been about organizing and taking care of my home, and they inspire me to live my whole life in the same way.

A good example, I guess, would be the art of photographs. My iPhone gets pulled out for all the photos- from baby playing to a sub-par sunset to (lets be honest) less then flattering selfies. Every moment is captured, whether or not it needs to be. These photos are nice to have but I never look back at them and more often then not delete 9/10 anyway. On the other hand, photos taken with my Polaroid are chosen with special care. A evening out, a milestone for baby, or even just a ‘day in the life’. There aren’t hundreds of options for these photos, they are limited, messy and imperfect.

I love my Polaroid because these photographs are special. These are the photos my children and grandchildren will one day see, flipping through scrapbooks or finding them in old boxes. In a weird way, especially in this age of social media and constant photos, these are the photos that will live on.

In case you became emotionally invested while reading this post, you can get your own Polaroid here! They sell them also at Urban Outfitters, but we found the best price + quality on Amazon. Film can be expensive, but in my opinion so worth it. You can find some here.

What ways can you ‘declutter’ your life and way of thinking? What moments would you want shot with a Polaroid camera?

Just so ya know, we receive a small commission through the products bought through these links, but there’s no extra cost to you whatsoever! However, we are not sponsored by FujiFilm by any means and are simply sharing a product we love.

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  1. I love pictures too but I save almost all of them and I am 61 yrs old. At first you wondering if you are saving too many but I did not. They are life in action for my children and my grandchildren are loving to see their parents at their age as little guys. One Christmas after my separation from my then husband our camera i scrapped up money for broke as it fell off the church bench. For years I wanted another one & missed out on so many picture moments. It was depressing. I agree about the camera pics but also my phone has some priceless pictures in it. You can never have enough of them in my opinion. By the way, so nice to see your post. Hugs & hope life is going really good for you now. Oh yea, i confess that I love my swimming pool too. I know that we are not supposed to love things but I admit that I do. Warm loving wishes for you & little family.

    1. I always love your input! I agree that photos are priceless, and it’s hard to have ‘to many.’ The only photos I delete about unnecessary selfies (tbh there’s a TON and I don’t need those!) and photos of random stuff like cars and books that I can’t even remember why I took them!

      Hope you are having a great day!

  2. I am obsessed with my polaroid. So much so that I need to slow down on taking pictures because it gets expensive. This was a fun read, and I LOVED that quote.

    1. I have the opposite problem! I love it so much, but because it’s expensive I try to save it for *really special* moments, forgetting that most moments are special! Trying to loosen up a bit, haha!