Pre-baby Hurrah | Charleston, South Carolina

Thanks to some incredibly generous people, Jeff + I were gifted a hotel for two nights to have a final vacation as a couple before Joy comes along. Although we live relatively close to Charleston, SC (and it has it’s own place in our love story), we’ve never really taken the time to explore the massive amount of history, entertainment, and culture it has to offer.


So, for just a little under two days, we played tourist. And it was wonderful! We made a point to not visit restaurants and shops we’d been to before (except Kiminsky’s. That is always a must) and took time to wander aimlessly down side streets and even do a house tour.

So, without further ado, I’ve listed below five of our favorite things in Charleston, SC!

Go on a House Tour

Of course, there are a lot of options for informational tours in Charleston. Numerous horse-back carriage tours, lots of solo foot-walking tours, and even ghost tours to connect you to the more occult side of Charleston will grasp for your attention. Most tours in Charleston take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 1/2 hours. That’s a lot of time to spend in the wretched summer heat when there’s just so much to see and do!

That’s where we believe House Tours come in super handy. Taking only 50 minutes of our time (yet keeping us out of the humidity while still connecting with the historic side of the city!) they really are the best of both worlds. In a single Charlestonian house, you’ll hear everything about the history of that era + individual family, the theories and stories of ghosts and other residents, and will be exposed to the fine art and culture of that time period.



Of course, I’m sure all of the other tours are just as informative and worth the time, but a house tour is something way fun you can fit in no matter the length of your stay!

Specifically, Jeff + I visited the Nathaniel Russell House on Meeting Street. A beautifully restored home in the heart of Charleston, the Nathaniel Russell House sports a gorgeous yard, beautiful architecture and a accurate portrayal of an early 1800’s home. Our tour group was especially fun- our guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the home and the process of restoring, and we had quite a few history buffs who made the conversations interesting!


Eat at Boone’s Bar

If there is one thing known about Charleston, it’s that the party life is high priority for many. Down King Street and East Bay, there are many bars and clubs for you to try out among the elite Charlestonian and over-excited college students.

Unfortunately we didn’t actually get a photo at Boone’s Bar- so here’s one of Jeff just a few blocks away 😉

Now, Jeff + I aren’t really drinkers, but we do appreciate good food when we find it- and Boone’s Bar off of King Street is GOOD FOOD. This was one of the things we really didn’t plan on doing (it just sort of happened because burgers were 1/2 off so HECK YES) and it was definitely our favorite spot to eat out of all five meals downtown. The atmosphere was great, the architecture fun (lots of brick!) and the staff great.

Did I mention the burgers were amazing?

Explore Church Street

Okay, so I will admit we’ve spent plenty of time on Church Street before (we’ve even done an engagement session or two there), but it is just so good we couldn’t help but take our time leisurely exploring the gorgeous historic homes and side streets one more time.



As you may or may not know, I am a hopeless romantic. Simply hopeless. And for some reason, walking down the cobblestone roads and past the antique homes makes me feel as though I’ve entered into a movie, or a novel, or some place just magical. Going down Church Street makes me feel as though I am in a completely unique era all of my own, filled with the romance and mystery of Charleston.


Yeah… it’s true.

Recharge at Waterfront Park

There are plenty of gorgeous parks in Charleston, from White Point Gardens right off the Battery to Hampton Park in the middle of Urban Charleston. Waterfront Park is personally my favorite. With gorgeous trees and a unbeatable view of the Charleston Harbor, it would be hard to stay stressed in the care-free and breezy environment.





One of my favorite moments of the whole trip was when Jeff + I were able to snag one of the coveted bench swings on the pier and snuggle close together. We dreamed, we planned, and reflected all while a street musician played some pretty melodies and the ocean breeze brushed our faces. Taking the time on vacation to actually rest and reflect is so awesome.

Get Lost

Alright, maybe you shouldn’t get lost… but don’t be afraid to throw out the schedule and just wander around. Charleston is so much more then the few locations we’ve mentioned, and it is worth taking the time and embracing the sore feet to visit the streets that scare you (during the day), to go down alleyways that are unique, and to browse art galleries and the local shops you won’t find anywhere else.

Hannah Bee Company

All in all, Charleston is a historic, romantic gem in a world vying for the new and modern. No matter where else across the globe our travels will eventually take us, Charleston will always have a place in my heart.

Black Tap Coffee








Pssst- if you can’t take a trip to Charleston anytime soon, why not bring Charleston to you? Check out this Charleston grown black tea– my personal favorite is always Earl Grey, but there is also a Breakfast Tea for those of you who like that tea to pump up your mornings but aren’t a fan of Earl Grey!

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  1. Congrats on the baby and the anniversary! Your trip sounds wonderful. And Early Grey is my fave, too. Have you tried Bigelow Early Grey Green? I got it because, green tea + Earl Grey must = awesome. I was right! My husband – who didn’t used to be a big tea drinker, except for the occasional iced tea, makes a big canning jar of it every morning. I like that it has the same great flavor with green tea benefits and not as much caffeine.