Rain Rain, Go Away. 

I’d don’t know what the weather is like where y’all are, but here in Charleston it’s pretty miserable. I’m talking about non-stop rain for nearly three days straight now, and being trapped in your own house because all the streets leading to anything are flooded.


Fun, right? Not especially. The first night of thunderstorms was a little bit exciting, not gonna lie, but when you have to hit the laundromat desperately and are running out of dinners, it’s gets a little bit old not being able to run the necessary errands.

I mean, since Friday life has literally stopped. Things that need to be mailed can’t be, places that are typically opened are now closed, and the power has gone off more times then I can count. It forces you to slow down, to really slow down.

Although it’s easy to get frustrated about this whole situation easily, there is a brighter perspective to this unexpected halt in life. I’ve gotten three days to do, well, nothing. To embrace the very, very small things that I normally overlook or don’t bother doing.

I’m now allowing time for the fun things. Things like, sitting down in the middle of the day and watching a movie, surrounded with blankets and pillows. Like drinking more tea then what’s probably healthy, like playing a three-hour game of Monopoly without any power. Like completely cleaning house, and cooking meals that (in my humble opinion) challenge some chain-restaurant entrees. Like sleeping in and spending way to long in my pajamas.

And although all of these things are small things, they are happy things, they are necessary things.

Of course, the old saying is true: Everything in moderation. Realistically I can’t spend every day so care-free. But maybe this storm is teaching me to slow down and take time for the small things a little bit more, to enjoy the necessary things that usually I fly by, to take life at a slightly more manageable pace.

Thanks, Joaquin. Or unnamed storm. Thanks, whatever piece of weather is causing this mess- because despite the major inconvenience, you’ve actually helped me out.

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  1. I try to keep soup and baking ingredients stocked at all times so, when the the rare bad weather day(or group of days) comes around I can enjoy it. Lack of power means time to read or use the battery on my laptop till it dies. lol. I love my nook, which I imagine would be nice in a tiny house but, paper books are wonderful and never need batteries. 🙂 Are storms scarier in a tiny house? Living in Texas aka Tornado Alley, I couldnt live in anything not bolted to cement that is buried in the ground. Tho I live vicariously thru ya’ll as I love the idea of a tiny house someday. Anyway, take care and enjoy your down time. Maybe do some future blogs to save for a non-rainy day. 😀 hee hee

    1. Storms are usually quite fun in a Tiny House! Then scary once they last more then a night 😉 But with a loft, it’s actually quite relaxing to hear the rain hit right above your head and snuggle up when the thunder strikes. But like I said, after a night or two it starts to get scary because you’re paranoid about leaks, etc.

      Thank you so much!

  2. Watch the flooding & don’t go near it & call for help if it comes too close. Y’all don’t want to become victims of it so just keep watching & listen to a radio. Enjoy your relaxed time but stay safe. Hugs. You need to relax before Joy arrives. You might need help with that ladder & might want to sleep downstairs for a little while after she comes. Just stay safe from the floods.

  3. It’s good to hear you have weathered the storm thus far! Are ya’ll in an area where you might have to evacuate? Ya’ll stay safe, and let us know if y a need anything!

    1. Fortunately, the neighborhood our Tiny House is currently located never had to evacuate. We’re crazy lucky, the majority of surrounding neighborhoods were flooded terribly. Thank you!

  4. I’m a homeschooling Mom from Texas. I have one daughter “Lilly Anne” who is 13yo. Wow you guys! You remind me of my husband David and I when we first got married! Its good to be reminded of this, because you get caught up in living life. Sometimes couples forget to be each others best friend and do fun things together. Thank you for inspiring me to renew that special bond with my Hubby. I will be snail mailing you a letter soon. May the Lord bless you and keep you all. Especially Joy! Thank you for sharing your journey on line. Looking forward to more of your adventurers and misadventures. Heehee!